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Who is this...


Staff member
I know who it is. But would you recognize him? :) He seems so much...older. Well, he is! Give him 50 more years and Kribu will want him.

Is that Robert Russler?

It's not really fair because the hues of that photo take away a lot of his natural darkness in the eyes and the hair that we're used to.
Who's Robert Russler? Please, forgive my ignorance. :eek:
Played Warren Keffer (he was Warren, yes?), the flyboy who got a bit too close to the Shadows in the end of S2.

And I'd say he looks quite recognizable on the pic.

He kinda looks like Glenn Frey in a way too.

Hell he looks more like Glenn Frey and that guy from JAG than he does when he was in B5.
and then there's the fact that the file name has "robert" in it.

Finally there's the fact that the post is in "B5 Personnel" - which pretty much rules out Glen Frey and "the guy from JAG". :)




There are guys on JAG? ;)