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Who else thinks that the Drazi should have been booted out of the ISA?



I do!For two reasons, Firstly in "Paragon of Animals" they are not only bombing an inferior race but they also trash a Whitestar and kill the crew then they plan to ambush the fleet and destroy them all!Then in "The Fall of Centauri Prime" they disobey Sheridans direct orders and attack civilian targets!

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to kick out the drazi would have crippled the fragile alliance sheridan was trying to hold together. I'm surprised it didn't weaken Sheridan's position seeing that they (drazi and Narn) could get away with murder and not get punished. Of course the centauri bombed the narns back to the stone age using illegal mass drivers and no one did anything to them.
Treaties? ahh ink on a page. to sidetrack a bit... i hated that lord refa. I love how he gets it in the end with the singing of "the rock cried out no hiding place" in the background.
TO get back to topic sorta, the drazi always seemed a little dumb and quick to fight. The whole green and purple thing and "droshalla has appeared on station, everything is holy, touch to share good fortune."(or something like that) I think once the humans and minbari transform in a million years the drazi are going to take over picking fights with everyone. Of course that is if they are still around. Hmm maybe i should stop writing.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Hmm maybe i should stop writing.

NO!!!!Its when you start wrighting like that that you actually write what you want to write its when you're really speaking from the heart!...hmmm maybe i should change my name to G'Kar he he he!I see what you're saying it would have destroyed the peace you're right but it as wrong that they got away with bloody murder!

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>to kick out the drazi would have crippled the fragile alliance sheridan was trying to hold together<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

With this I fully agree. Also, perhaps the ISA considered collective punishment harmful, instead demanding the Drazi and Narn to:

1. Compensate for the damage they did to the Centauri (unfortunately the Centauri would not be inclined to accept compensations of any kind -- as the Drakh preferred them to experience some misery).

2. Adequately punish the individuals who launched the attack and avoid such moves in the future. Both the Drazi and the Narn would complain, but eventually comply.

The Drazi due to various incentives, including but not limited to advanced technology. The Narn for the same reasons, plus the great influence G'Kar had over them.

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I don't think that it would've done any good kicking them out but having them fined someway for their disobedience, damages against ISA property, withholding illegal shadow tech etc....

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The Drazi care more about Money than anything else.

So, hurting them in the Wallet is the way to go.

Kicking them out just allows the problem to fester with no way to influence them in the future.
The Drazi have too many warships for the Alliance to want them running around loose with no restraints.
So long as they are nominally part of the allieance, the rangers can keep a Legitimate eye on them and expose them every time they step out of line.
Kick them out, and sooner or later there Will be a war.
The Drazi are just dumb and arrogant enough to guarantee it.

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They were still one of the staunchest allies in the ISA. Many Drazi fought bravely in the Shadow War. The attrocities against the Enfili may be unforgiveable but hardly worth the punishment of getting booted out of ISA. Economic compensationor restraint of trade would be one of the most adequate punishments for the Drazi. Particularly when, otherwise they are an honorable race and one of the "good guys".

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