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Who do you think would win Jason Ironheart(b5) or Gary Mitchell(trek)?


Lets get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this corner attempting to evolve beyond that of humanity, we have Jason Ironheart. And his opponent weighting in at 210 lbs (made that up.) Preparing to subjugate the universe cause he can, Gary Mitchell.
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I think in the very end Ironheart wins it Why? his level of power was of a greater attainment then mitchell. I do think it would a very nasty long drawn out battle I don't think i would want to be in the sector of the Galaxy where it is taking place because i suspect that a lot of solar systems would probably get consumed in that confrontation
Those two having a kid would most likely rival the Q. But I wonder, Ironheart was pretty much a pacifist, where Mitchell wanted to conqure. Would Gary's aggresssion and Jason passive nature allow Gary the win.

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