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Whispers in the Night Pt2



Kiera stared straight into Zack's eyes and tried to scan him. As soon as she did that, she felt psychic walls slam down, like a piano lid trying to catch her fingers.

"Damnit," She cussed under her breath, and retreated. He'd had experience with her kind before.

"Dont start young lady." Allen warned, taking her arm. "You're coming into custody."

Kiera caught a tendril of information from his mind and fought down a scream. They were here. The dark ones, the ones who sought to find her secret and manipulate it. Psi Corps.

"NO!" She screamed, green eyes lit with fire, and wrenched her arm from Zack. The power of her anger threw boxes from their places around her like a gust of wind, almost flooring Zack.

He pulled his PPG, but before he could fire it, it was knocked from his hand by Kiera. Determined to get away, she did not feel the presence of the other security officer behind her until it was too late. A blow to the back of her head, and Kiera was unconcious.

"She is god damn dangerous," The female security officer commented. "No wonder Psi Corp want her."

"They aren't going to have her. We're going to keep her under the quarantine statute until I know exactly what she can do. And exactly what they want her for."


Kiera was aware of a throbbing pain in her temples, much like the after effect of her supressants.

"Damn, I must have forgot my last dose... everything haywire." She murmured to herself, sitting up on the small bed.

That was when she discovered herself in a cell, in the Babylon 5 brig. With a scream, Kiera launched herself at the door, just in time to barrel straight into Zack Allen again.

"This is becoming a habit." He remarked softly, and held her arms fast. "I'm not going to let them take you back to Earth, Kiera Walters."

"How do you know me?" She demanded angrily, righting herself to her full six foot, shedding the image of a small, insignificant lurker in one move.

"Michael Garibaldi told me you were coming here. That the PsiCorp were hunting you. I want to know why. As head of security, if you pose a threat I have to do something about it."

She laughed scornfully, looking at Zack with disdain. "The only thing that would pose a threat is letting PsiCorp get hold of me." Kiera replied. "I'm their counterpoint."

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Hmmmmm! Nice to see Zack, the unsung hero in the story...even though I've always seen him as a putz...

"...abso-FRAGGIN-lutely, damn it! I have been studying your use of lauguage since our last discussion. Do you approve?"
I have to admit I liked Zack... he was basically a good guy.

Oh, and great story so far, Sharenn. Keep going!

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Thank you. Interesting.

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Oooh, we have another budding fan fic writer on our hands.

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RW: The salad man.
Lorien: Why are you here?
RW: To be the salad ambassador.
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RW: Yes, my salad bars.
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"Zathras... does not remember. But if Zathras remember, Zathras will tell you!"
Zathras: "You are finite, Zathras is finite, this... is wrong tool!"
This is really great. RW, I agree with you. She is quite a fanfic writer!

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