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Whispers in the Night Pt 21



Two months passed quickly, and relatively without incident. Kiera was housed with other curious souls, mainly human, but a Brakiri and a Drazi were also living there, guided and aided by Minbari Rangers.

Kiera saw very little of James, as he helped prepare the Rangers who held the positions of House Guards prepare for welcoming the new baby into the residence, and attempting to think up new security arrangements. It was a sad fact that the poor child, who would be well loved, would also be in danger, and a target for fascist attack since its birthday.

As the sun broke over the crystalline hills of Minbar, Kiera felt a soft touch brush against her mind, a gentle calling to her. Smiling, she climbed out of bed, and wandered out onto the balcony, clad in her sleeping robes.

In the courtyard below stood James, tired but smiling, and Kiera laughed. She knew he could not gain entry by any normal means, as the house was strictly female only. The doors would not open to him, and even if they would, he could not enter as a matter of honour. The furthest he was allowed to go was the courtyard, and that was where he now stood.

Kie, come down, He begged. Kiera smiled at his pet name for her.

Why should I? She teased, and laughed as his annoyance was broadcast to her. Gently, without him realising it, she lifted his body, and using her telekinesis, brought him up to her balcony.

“I feel like Romeo,” James whispered into her ear. “Can I steal a kiss, sweet Juliet?”

Kiera laughed at his teasing. “Why Romeo, thou hast not even asked for my hand,” She replied, holding out her left hand. James grasped it, and kissed it gently.

“May thine lips profane your own?” James asked, completely bastardising the Shakespearean quote. This caused Kiera to dissolve into a fit of childish giggles.

“James, can’t you even get your quotes right?” She answered him, tilting her head to him with a smile.

“Not when you look at me like that I can’t. Why haven’t I kissed you yet?” His voice lowered, and Kiera’s breath caught.

“Because I’m scared that I’ll lose control.” She replied, breathless.

“Well, a little less control can be fun,” James countered, slipping his arms about her waist and drawing her close. Kiera closed her eyes.

“I…” There was the sound of pounding on the door. Hell, that will be Jathee; it’s time for morning meditation! If she catches you here…

Never fear, I’ll get out somehow.

James,</I. Kiera chastised, You’re on the fourth floor. Let me put you down! Laughing softly, Kiera moved him quickly back outside the gates, before opening her door to the Minbari woman and allowing herself to be chastised for getting up late.

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I second the

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Thank you, Sharenn. You keep me curious as to what is going to happen. Something, but what...

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Aw...darn. So close....

I have to third the

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