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Whispers in the Night Pt 20



Before Kiera could speak, a Narn Ranger skidded into the room. “James, thank G’Quan, we were all worried!” And James was pulled into an exuberant embrace.

He laughed, clapping the Narn on the back. But Kiera had withdrawn into herself on the bed, scarred from her previous experiences with Na’Kell. James noticed this as the Narn let him go, and gently touched her mind.
Kiera? What’s wrong? James asked urgently, probing as far as she would allow him to go. He felt black fear of any Narn, and images that sickened him to the stomach.

He tried to rape me, to keep me quiet, keep me afraid. I almost killed him James. I got so scared I lost all control and nearly liquefied his mind. He doesn’t remember much. People use him as a scapegoat. All he knows is that he hates me.

James bit down his disgust at the idea anyone could harm Kiera. Ta’Theel is a lovely person Kiera, and he is here because he wants to serve. Na’Kell was a horror in any race. Don’t let one experience cloud your judgement against all. He stood, and wrapped Kiera in his arms.

“Ta’Theel, tell everyone I’m still alive. I’ll be along soon, hopefully with our newest recruit.” Ta’Theel saluted James, and left.

Kiera, will you be joining us? James asked pensively, looking into her eyes. He had been assuming all along he would get to spend more time with her, to court her properly, even though his instinct told him that he could kiss her at this very moment and she would not complain.

I don’t know James. I would like to learn more about the Rangers before I do, as you did. She smiled gently at him. It was not a rebuff, merely a staging point at which both had to make decisions. Teach me James.

"Zathras... does not remember. But if Zathras remember, Zathras will tell you!"
Zathras: "You are finite, Zathras is finite, this... is wrong tool!"
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Still tuning into the story......

Lorien: Who are you?
RW: The salad man.
Lorien: Why are you here?
RW: To be the salad ambassador.
Lorien: What do you want?
RW: Everyone to know the joys of salad.
Lorien: Do you have anything worth living for?
RW: Yes, my salad bars.
Oooooo! On to the next chapter!

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