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Whispers in the Night Pt 19



James Elliot had a very fuzzy head as he woke, draped over a chair in a very awkward position, which it appeared he had slept in for several hours. He had also had the strangest dream about Kiera, probably caused by the constant link he had kept with her mind to ensure nothing happened to her as she slept. It was as if she had entered his dream, experienced it with him, his behaviours and feelings toward her.

He loved her. The revelation hit him like a blow to the stomach, making him frown slightly. Kiera was waking, and he was unsure how much of his dream she had seen.

People cannot be held into account for their dreams, but they can be used, abused and manipulated because of them. The words from his training with PsiCorp came back to haunt him. Very briefly, he had been a PsiCop. Very briefly he had toyed with rouges as if they were flies to be swatted, their lives insignificant compared to the power of the Corps. Very quickly, he had discovered the truth of the Corps, and the war against darkness.

He had chased a rogue to Minbar, hearing that they had begun training for an elite fighting force. Like many others, he believed the propaganda war which Clarke was raging against the Alliance, the war that he could not afford to lose. The rogue was expendable, but he must be silenced, he knew of the weapon PsiCorp was developing with Clarke’s dark allies.

When he had found the rogue, the subsequent events changed his life…

“This is a war you are fighting, James Elliot, whether you believe it or not. I can’t tell you if you are on the wrong side. All I can tell you is that you are in danger. All PsiCorps are in danger. Someone is pulling the strings back home, and that someone isn’t Clarke anymore.”

He had ordered him to shut up. But the rogue had been one of the experiments; the mind-altering drugs had given him powers almost as strong as Kiera’s. He had forced his way into James’ mind and shown him the horrors of the base on Mars; the sleeping telepaths.

James had fought down the urge to scream. Hundreds of innocents, whose only crime was to balk at their options forced upon them by a fluke of genetics and run… and now they were to be used as the ultimate weapon.

Everything James had believed had collapsed in that instant. He let Luke talk to him, help him unlearn what the Corps had clouded his mind with. Eventually, James agreed to join the Rangers with him, to one day free those who PsiCorp sought to destroy.

Luke had died. His powers overcame him on the bridge of his WhiteStar. He had taken six Shadow vessels with him, and James had felt the instant he lost control. Deep inside, James was terrified the same would one day happen to Kiera.

Turning back from his reflective thoughts, he looked up at the bed, and saw Kiera watching him.

“Hi, he whispered softly.

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When was I supposed to complain? lol

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Wow...very interesting!

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More please.

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Thank you, the story is excellent.

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