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Whispers in the Night 26



Far away from the house on Minbar, the goings-on within Kiera’s mind were being carefully monitored. Two black-robed figures hunched over a comm. screen and eagerly waited for the moment they had planned for years.

However James appeared to refuse to play to their game, and one of the figures became agitated, pushing buttons rapidly on the panel in front of him. Immediately the scene within Kiera’s mind changed, to the surprise of the two within the maelstrom.

“Kiera, why did you change it?” James asked warily, eyeing up the roaring fire and animal skin rug that was so obviously the setting for an intended seduction.

Kiera looked at him blankly. “I didn’t change it. I didn’t even think we were in my mind…” She replied, becoming angry.

“Well we must be, because I didn’t change the setting to one so blatant!” James roared back.

The figures became more agitated, changing the setting once again. Their plan was rapidly falling apart, with James becoming more and more wary of Kiera’s ‘seduction attempt’.

Kiera was now stood, fully clothed, screaming at James to stop changing the setting, James replying it was not his fault, when suddenly they both stopped, and realisation dawned upon them.

“Someone is doing this to us, James.” Kiera whispered softly. “Its their intention to… to…”

“Yeah, I was beginning to think that,” James replied, drawing Kiera into his arms. “As much as I would like to, I don’t like the idea that I’m pandering to someone’s ideals. We must be being watched, but I have no idea how…”

“Oh damn… they must have tagged me…” Kiera swore, rubbing the back of her neck as if looking for something. “James, see if you can see something like a barcode printed on the back of my neck?”

The robed figures flicked a button that eliminated all traces of their bug in Keira’s mind, and watched pensively as the pair searched for the device.

Kiera looked into James’ eyes and he saw that they were swimming with tears. “I’m scared James. I thought I had escaped those people. That my life of being used was over! I thought I loved you… but… are these men are just manufacturing what I’m feeling? I can’t take that chance! We can’t… I cant…” She stopped, and began to sob.

“We need to find a way out of this mess, and get you scanned properly sweetheart,” James murmured, holding her tight. “You’ve been through so much, you deserve some happiness, and I am going to make sure you get some…”

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Keep it up Sharenn!

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