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Whispers in the Night 15

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Apologies for taking so long. There was a crisis with my mother and I've been a mite bit distracted.
Anyway! On with the story!!


To say he was surprised was an understatement. Not only had he walked in on a domestic scene he’d never expected, but also one of the top house guards was protecting the young woman, as if he was afraid of John’s reaction. This was too weird.

“Ms Walters, I’m John Sheridan.” He managed to say, and offered his hand, still amazed by James’ reaction. Kiera didn’t move, still looking at him as if she had been punched in the stomach.

Kiera, are you ok? James asked her softly.

She shook her head, as if to clear it “Its good to meet you, Mr President. Please, call me Kiera.” She replied slowly, but did not take his hand.

Sheridan noticed this, and also noticed her absence of gloves, and rationed it out. “I take it you’ve been shown around the complex?” He asked, and sat down, James soon following suit as Delenn returned to her position on the sofa.

Distrust still shone in her eyes as Kiera spoke. “Yes, Mr Elliot has been kind.”

John smiled. “Yeah, James is that.”

What’s wrong Kiera? James asked her softly as she grabbed his hand, and he felt the wariness and distrust flood him from her.

I don’t know. Something just isn’t right here. Something is very, very wrong. Can’t you feel it?

Kiera opened her mind to him, and James felt… anger. Hate. And a heck of a lot of danger.

Kiera… my god… can you localise that? James demanded, turning to her, cutting the President off mid-sentence.

“Mr President, Entil’Zha, we have to leave. Now.” Elliot spoke swiftly, as Kiera’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Now James, quickly… I’m not playing here… something is very…”

Before she could finish, an explosion ripped through the complex, and the world went black…

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Oh my!!!!!!! More...Soon?!?!

(hope all is well with your mother)

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Oh my gosh!!!! More please!!! And soon!!!

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