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Whispers in the Night 12b

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(I'm superstitous...)

Dedicated to Entil'Zha Delenn, thanks to whom I fell of my chair and got a nice new bruise!!


Nerves encompassed Kiera as she waited outside the office of Entil’Zha Delenn. Nerves were something she was not used to; as for most of her life she had been the one that caused the nerves, not felt them. James was by her side, radiating comfort and ease. He was used to standing for long periods of time outside this door, keeping guard over “the One”, and he was used to being summoned.

Summoned. Before the word would have terrified her. The Corps had summoned her many times, usually for drugs tests, or for…

She blocked out the memory, refusing to go back to that place of pain and fear. Minbar was a safe place for her, even if it was only transitory. There was no way she could risk staying here with the Rangers. Even if she began training, she would eventually have to leave. The Corp would send spies who would infiltrate the safety of this place. And she would not risk the others who hid here.


What? If I stay I risk ALL of you.
Kiera snapped back at James. His comment hurt her. She was doing what she thought best for all of them, not just herself.

You really think we wouldn’t know a spy if we saw one? There’s been three already, and they have been DEALT with. You are safe here, indefinitely.

And what about the revolution James? What side will you take when Lyta leads her uprising? The time is coming.

James sighed, and gently placed his hands on Kiera’s shoulders, deepening the contact.You don’t know this will happen Kiera.

I do. You don’t understand James; I’ve been on Mars. They’re all hiding there, all the ones she’s calling in to play. That’s one of the reason’s PsiCorp want me back so bad. I’m their main defence.
Kiera’s eyes misted. Everyone fights to possess me, my powers. I want to be wanted for me!

Kiera looked at James. His eyes had clouded, his mind suddenly closing off from hers.

If I offered that, would you take it? He asked her gently, looking into her eyes, seeking an answer.


The door sliding open interrupted them, and James cursed under his breath.


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ooooooo, I think I like chapter sub- divisions!!!

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Awww...I'm touched! Thank you, Sharenn, and sorry about the bruise! I didn't quite expect that kind of reaction!

Anyway, I really like how this is turning out and I can't wait to see more!

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