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HAs anyone got a copy of all chapters of whispers??

I've got an e-mail from college admin telling me all non college work has been removed from my hard drive space, and I dont think they;ve been nice to my diskette either!


I've lost three chapters I was about to post as well... so if anyone has a copy of all the previous posts I will be greatful as I need to update my site!

PLease let me know ASAP!

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If you select "all topics" for the forum view, the previous chapters should all come up here. You can copy and paste them somewhere safe then.

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I had a similar experience with my web account in university. The server crashed and stayed offline for more than a month, with all of my CGI scripts there.

As Kribu mentioned, the chapters which you have already posted should be retreivable from the archives of this very same forum.

As for floppies, well, if you get the disk itself back, there is hope that some data can be restored even if somebody has deleted/formatted it (but not if it has been overwritten). If such a need should arise, let me know. I might be able to suggest a few programs suitable for such tasks.

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