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Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spoil.)


  • Jack Bauer [24]

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  • Jack Bristow [Alias]

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This is something I have been discussing with my brother and his wife over the last couple years, and I figure, after reading the May 2nd 24 thread, that its time to bring this into the public forum to vote on.

For the longest time I thought it was Jack Bauer, hands down from a strictly ass-kicking standpoint. But upon further analysis, Jack Bristow took the lead with some events in the last couple seasons, and his cold detached demeanor. Here are some points for each:

1) Bauer

* The obvious May 2nd episode of this season, he thanks Paul for saving his life, only to pull a gun on the doctors 45min later and order them to let Paul die and save the Chinese dude who knew the info about Marwan. Cold man, just cold.
* Season 2's premier. He calls in that mob witness and shoots him dead in the conference room, then procedes to tell Mason to go and get a saw so he can cut the guys head off...uttering a comment about people like him wanting results but not willing to get their hands dirty.
* Put more than a few extra rounds into Victor Drazen.
* Put more than a few extra rounds into Nina Meyer.
* Shot that weasel of a Division boss in the back of the head at the whim of the Season 3 terrorist, because it was for "the greater good."
* Didn't hesitate a single bit to chop off his partners arm at the end of Season 3 to save his life and prevent bad things from happening.

I am sure there are many more than this, but those come to the top of my mind.

2) Bristow

* In many instances has been a cold and detached assassian.
* Killed his ex-wife.
* My favorite: Interrogated a prisoner who knew information that could save his daughter's life by putting a plastic bag over his head and letting him suffocate, then bringing him back to life with CPR and a Difibulator. He told the guy he could keep killing him over and over again until he told him what he needed to know. Sweet!
* Was sent to kill a rouge who he helped train. Upon meeting back up with the rouge, he welcomed Jack with honor, told him what an inspiration he was. Introduced him to his wife, who told him how much her husband talks about Jack. Invited him to have dinner with him and his wife that night in his honor. Took Jack into his private study where there were pictures of the 2 of them serving together. Just when you think its going to be a tear-jerker reunion and Jack would falter and not kill him, he coldly and quietly grabs him from behind and strangles him with his wife in the next room.
* Has done more illegal kidnappings in order to obtain information than you can shake a stick at.
* Has used various torture methods on said captives throughout the last several seasons.
* Never shows emotion no matter if he is killing you, saving you, or torturing you.

His list goes on too, but those are the main ones I can think of.

So, who do you vote as the Baddest Ass Jack of All Time?
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Sorry, Jack O'Neil isn't in the same league as these two.

Side note: Glad to see this is a topic that lots of people are interested in expressing their opinion about. :p
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Bristow by far. Jack Bauer, while creative and able to "wing it" like a pro, is more like Bristow's daughter, Sydney than papa Bristow.

Jack Bauer is someone you may want on your side, but it usually means your death.

Jack Bristow is someone you ALWAYS want on your side as he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I don't think Jack killed his ex-wife, btw, I think they both planned a fake death. Lena Olin is set to return for the last two episodes of this season, so that's one clue on that. =)

So my answer? Jack Bristow. Definitely, without a doubt. And Jack's cool, calm nature is undeniable. I utterly love his "looks" and one-liners. He and Marshall have a very special on-screen chemistry, haha.
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Jack O'Neill is a smartass, not a badass... and we love him for it.

The answer is Jack Bristow. :)
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Of course, the main detractor that Bauer has going for him is that he brought Kim into the world. :D
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo


Jack Bristow brought in the hot/ass kicking Sydney into the world....where as Jack brought us the Mountain Lion taming Kim...
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Pisha Sydney > Kim

All Kim did in season 3 was walk around tattling on everyone in her tight little outfit.

Sydney can not only kick ass in those tight little outfitts, she can dress up in high-heels, a mini-skirt / dress, dangly earrings and proceed to clean the floor with you.

All Kim can do is get caught by the "kidnapper of the week."

Jack AND Sydney Bristow > Jack and Kim Bauer
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Sydney kicked a couple guards' asses while wearing a kimono when Sark convinced her to deliver Sloane to him. Nuff said!
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

I once called Jack Bristow "the CIA's equivalent of the Death Star."

If you doubt me, just watch the episode where he breaks Sydney out of NSA custody. You really do not want to get on the guy's bad side!
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

Dude, and that was just ONE of his little personal arsenals.

/bows to Jack Bristow
Re: Which Jack is more of a badass? (24, Alias spo

I'd have to say Jack Bauer, Jack Bristow is way too detached for me, a completely rational killing machine- try figuring him out! Jack is more a normal person, can let his emotions make him *fuck up*. He's more exciting. When he gets tortured, he *might* break. When his daughter is on the line, he does everything to get her back, and he takes chances. The shooting at the end of season one was total hardcore. He also seems to be more "street" creative on site.... Jack Bristow uses his training. He does lots of terrible things to get the job done, but you have to somehow forgive him (you can't forgive Bristow for many things) because you know deep down he is good.

Yep, Jack Bauer wins here. :)

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