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Which actor/actress did the best job of..


Beyond the rim
making their charcter come across as "real?"

Just finished rewatching all five years of B5 and there is no doubt the acting talent was great but was left wondering which actor/actress did the best job of making their character come "alive" since almost everyone did a great job.

Comments anyone?
I think if I had to choose two I'd say G'kar and Ivanova.

If you twist my arm I'd say G'kar (sorry, Andreas Katsulas of course). I think it's amazing that he could act at all with all of that makeup and stuff that he had to work through.

Also, various cast members seem to mention how impassioned his performances were.

With Ivanova (sorry, Claudia Christian) I could feel her pain and her pessimism quite vividly at times in the series.

But it is a tough question. I don't think there was a bad actor among the main cast, not for me at least. I know others will disagree, but that's what a discussion is for, eh?
For me it's a toss-up between Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas. Both of them went from one extreme to another.

G'Kar had that passion and emotion for things that helped shape his character. You felt his pain and anger, but he had the strength and mindset to get through it all.

Londo just had that lust for power and desire for achievement. You could absolutely love him one moment and completely despise him the next.
Like you, I believe all of the cast did a great job, and in doing so, presented (IMO) the viewer with an almost impossible choice of who did best because each and every one had their moments. Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar) came across (to me) as presenting his character consistenatly well. But it seemed that Mira Furlan's (Delenn) character became more real with each episode - the small flashes of temper for example and her resolve. Peter Jurasik's character (Londo) also developed depth as the episodes went on. Claudia Christian's character, although coming across as 'real' didn't seem to develop much after the second season. In other words, she was there and you knew how she would react in any given situation. Ditto with Jerry Doyle's (Michael Garibaldi) and Richard Biggs' (Dr. Franklin) parts. Of course, much of this is in the way JMS wrote the parts. So right now I am leaning toward Mira Furlan.
I also think Robert Russler did a great job from the year he was there. You felt his passion for his job and you felt his determination. His spirits were high, but unfortunately, he was unable to display his wide range of acting ability, as his character was written out. Of things that could have been...
Russler did come across well as Lt. Warren Keffer -- a typical hard-charging, deticated fighter jock. I would liked to have seen him stay throughout the series. And Ed Wasser as Morden did an excellent job. I distrusted him the first time he appeared and that is a hard persona to present.
I agree that Claudia Christian made a PERFECT Ivanova.

Andreas Katsulas played G'Kar well, and Peter Jurasik, Bruce Boxleitner, Bill Mumy, and Jason Carter played their characters well too.
Watch the Pilot:
When Jerry Doyle comes to get Peter Jurasik (to make sure he will be at the reception). That part, just felt 'good'
Two others who did a bang up job were Waler Koenig as Bester and Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander. Both came across great.
Mentioned Ed Wasser in an earlier post but not Wayne aleander who played Sebastian to a tee and I can't remember who played Lorien.