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Where to get S2 on DVD?

Hey guys,
Did anyone get S2 at Walmart? I got S1 there and I've been to 3 different Walmarts in my area. (One of them not quite in my area.) They all say that it, S2, hasn't come in. When I ask, "When will it be in" they all said that it isn't on their "list" whatever that means. I'm really disappointed. I could have ordered from amazon and had it by now. I've been looking forward to this since christmas. Comes the Inquisitor is on this set. I WANT IT! WHERE CAN I GET IT?

Thanks in advance,
Walmart would be my last choice personally.

Best Buy
Circuit City
Suncoast Motion Picture Company

And of course online:
B5TV.com ;)

There is even a handy little link off there to the left.
I got S1 from Amazon and it came about a week after the release date so this time I got S2 at BestBuy on the release date, who would had know Amazon would ship early for S2. Go figure...

You can call your local Best Buy or Circuit City... both stores have their regional database stocks online, so they can tell you whether they have it at their stores, and if not, which stores have it.