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Where can I find a hit man?


I was watching The Gathering last night and two subtle points of plot and humor suddenly came together that I hadn't picked up on before. When Lyta finishes with assisting the two businessmen with their transaction, the contrary one says to Lyta, "Someday I’m going to find the guy that thought of renting telepaths to businessmen and I’m going to kill him." Little did he know that the ambassador of the Vorlons, who created telepaths, was coming on board. If he only knew he might have considered getting rid of the wholesaler instead of the retailer. Well, as it was said at least a couple of times in the series, "It's an imperfect universe and you never get everything you want."

Whoa! I had never even close to realized that in there. Sure, I knew of the joke and mostly just wrote it off as a bit flat but tolerable, but how tight on it was for fitting the individual story with the larger story in such a subtle way is really cool.

And here, it just goes to show that B5 is the story that just keeps on giving! How many times I've watched "The Gathering" and that never hit me.
Yeah, that's awesome...and then the whole movie is ABOUT someone trying to kill the guy who invented telepaths (so to speak!)

And that guy who said the line, the businessman, he isn't even named...just an extra with a great line dripping with gravitas and meaning when you think about it!

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