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What the heck. Its not that awful.......

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Here's my losing story....

There were many Narn present, ritual swords sheathed for the time being. A number of Centauri, Emperor Londo chief among them, looking regal yet forlorn. Two Pak Marah, one a head taller than the other argued over something or other, a scrap of food it seemed. Several Drazi kept to themselves, watching the rest with great suspicion. A handful of Humans in Earth Force uniforms fingered their ppg's, anxiously. Was that a bearded Sheridan in back? He looked older. Strong. But older, hair as much salt as pepper these days. And Delenn beside him, smiling her cat's smile, brown hair flowing, looking ever dignified in her kimono like robe. They held one another's hand as they waited. An encounter suited Vorlon slid silently into the middle of the proceedings. Kosh. Not the mean one, the kind Kosh, the real Kosh. Thankfully, no Shadows came this night. Two full moons hung low and bright in the starry sky. Together they all waited. Together they all grew impatient.

"Frag it all," said a Narn, possibly G'kar, judging by the thick, hard bound book in his hands, "What's
taking them so long?"

Another Narn, female, turned to face him, "I'm telling mom, you cursed,"

"Did not."

"Did too."

The arguement escalated quickly to the level of violence. Little Susie Quan slammed her fist into her older
brother's chest."

"Hey, stop that or I'll..."

The yellow moons faded to black. All at once a billion stars winked out of existance. Bolts of lightning, miles in legnth cut violently jagged gashes through the night's sky, so bright it nearly hurt, as monstrous thunderclaps roared one atop the other shaking the planet to its mantle, throwing unimagable joy into the hearts of the entire assemblage. The best part of Halloween had at long last begun.

Youthful, innocent, fear of the unknown, mixed with wildly exuberant anticipation. Some smiled broadly, pure anticipation, others, mostly the younger ones, seemed less certain but, in the end, none would fail to enter. None would dare miss this place this night. Together as one, the group of young trick or treaters approached the best haunted house in the known galaxy.

The thunder slowed, quieted. The lightning faded. Moons and stars calmly reappeared, now partially obscured by low hanging clowds which served to keep their light at bey. The children could see well enough close up but the distance remained a mystery wrapped in black night. Slowly, they climbed the creaking wooden stairs which threatened to give with each and every step.

As they approached the door, a voice that could have been a god's bellowed from everywhere all at once, "Who dares disturb my rest? Who dares tresspass against me?"

The children froze. No one moved a muscle. No one spoke until Sheridan, Jimmy Bauer, said, "We do. All of us together. And we're not scared, neithor."

"Oh, no?" bellowed the voice, so loud the entire house shook, threatening to crumble, "You are not frightened?" The voice intensified in volume, "Then enter if you dare," With that the front door swung inward on rusty, shrieking hinges.

"I don't know." said the shorter Pak'Marrah.

"We have to." his big sister replied, "Its the best."

"Come on." said Delenn, Shanon Wilder. Still holding Sheridan's hand, she dragged him over the threshold.

The rest followed, some more hesitantly than others, and finally the door slammed shut behind the last, a tremendous bolt slamming home, ensuring no escape for anyone.

At the top of the house in an attic room no child would see this night, two black robed figures watched a three dimensional image of the trick or treaters which floated in mid air before them. The children were currently being onset by a swarm of heavily fanged bat like creatures whose leatherry wings glowed fire red along their perimeter. They skwawked and skreed and spun chaoticly through the crowd before breaking free and exiting through a broken window. Now a far away rumble grew quickly louder as the group made it's way through a narrow corridor that seemed to go on and on. The rumble became a roar and the floor before them exploded and through the resulting hole flew creatures more terrible than any of them had ever imagined.

"You're enjoying yourself, aren't you." asked the younger figure.

"Oh, yes, quite," the other answered, "After all, All Hallows Eve is one of my favorite times of year. I love the history. The pagan belief systen that--"

"You can't fool me," the first interrupted, "You love frightening small children. I'd have thought better of you, Alwyn. I'm quite disapointed."

"Perhaps, but not as much as they enjoy being frightened."

Now the children watched in disbelief as ghosts appeared to shoot from their own finger tips. The ghouls spun about dropping candied treats and small gifts on their heads before disappearing between cracks in the wall.

Galen saw the way Alwyn grinned, the gleam in his eye, and hoped he could know such simple happiness again someday.

"Will your gold dragon be making an appearance tonight?" he asked.

"Hmmm, frankly, I haven't decided." Alwyn answered, while raining toads and other small creatures on the children.

Galen looked through the small window, saw the two full moons yellow against the night's black sky.

"I think this would be a perfect night for a gold dragon." he said, "He could swoop low over the children as they walk home and breathe flames just over their heads."

"Then so it shall be," said Alwyn, not showing his relief that Elric's solemn student was slowly rising from the dark emotional pit he'd spent so much time in as of late, "Thank you for comming, Galen."

"I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

Opinions, please......
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