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What ship would you chose to fly?

Definately one that does most of the work. So it'd have to be Galen's flyer. I wonder what it's called, the Consterno or the Argo Argus? He likes latin.

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well, way back in 1962, James H. Schmitz published a story titled "Agent of Vega".

It was a Super Spies in Outer Space type story. Each agent had a "supership" of his/her own. Oversized Engines and Weapons for a ship of its size and an Artificial Intelligence controling it based on the Agent's own brain patterns (so the ship and the agent would think as much alike as possible). The agents usually worked solo.

Toward the end of the book, a large group of these ships ends up on the same mission. An enemy warship tries to intercept them. The Captain of the enemy ship looks out at the little fleet he's about to attack and is surprized to see that no two are alike. Then, is totally flipped out when he notices that One of them looks like _An Old House_.

Explanation: The agent was planetside on a long term assignment masquerading as an excentric old woman with her Ship disguised as her House. When the call came for the emergency mission, she just took off without bothering to discard the camoflage.

Can you imagine: You're lining up for a shot at an enemy spaceship and, OHMYGHOD! it's a beat up old Victorian House!

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Shall we exchange Recipes?
id probably choose either a starfury, whitestar or drazi sunhawk ( nice little ship huh)
and in captial ships id pick Excalibur or G'quan Crusier

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I'm not particularly fussy about the ship, as long as it has tactical nukes

Nuke 'em all
Heh maybe the whole ship is a tactical nuke with engines strapped onto the back, that would make for a pretty short movie wouldn't it?

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Not sure if this counts but i'd like to fly this Vorlon/Minbari/EA cross-bred fighter I designed.


If that's not allowed then i'd take either the Excalibur or a Vorlon fighter.

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I wouldn't mind piloting a Thunderbolt or a Starfury... I rather liked the elite Black Omega Starfuries, as well. I'd also like to sit at the helm of the Excalibur and a Centauri battlecruiser, but the ship I'd most like to fly is the beautiful, angelic Sharlin-class Minbari warcruiser.

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I know what I would get definitly I would get the Kinetic Grimlis to make me a custom made Techno-mage ship..hmmn well come to think of it the standard would be fine it's just that I would need to get persmission from the circle so I could get some inplants to allow me to use the ship to it's fullest abilitie's..

If the Circle knocked me back I would get a Vorlon Ambassador class ship(like Kosh's) I woud sit there all day long as the ship would sing to me

The Nial fighter is definetly not on my list. For one thing it doesn't look like it offers much lumbar support. Secondly it's constantly having life support malfunctions or running out of air.

My list goes:
1. Grey council's Minbari Cruiser.
2. Whitestar
3. The Excalibur

I don't know....Lorien ship looked quite interesting, but I think the Narn Destroyers
are pretty cool looking. One must take them for a test drive ......

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The thing is the Narn ships were built to look better than they really are.

I would love to fly a aurora starfury but I don't like the looks of the thunderbolts.

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Even a piggyback ride on a maintbot would be nice at this point...

-Londo's Hair
"Vir, intelligence has nothing to do with politics!"
I agree, LondosHair...

heck, I'd even settle for a spacewalk!
With a spacesuit, of course, and one of those rocket backpacks would be nice, too.

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Either a Thunderbolt, or a Whitestar

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