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What`s up?



I just got booted off the board a little while ago..went to my PM box and i wasn`t logged in..(funny..i had been logged in for over an hour)...what`s up Antony?
I've no hacked anybody before you start :p

I've also had no problems.The thought of coming across a picture of my big fat hairy balls seems to scare hackers away.

Dial up has it's own shit though so I've no idea.

Lot of help that was.
You are reminding me of a friend on another board..are yu sure you`re Scottish?
I have video evidence to prove it :p

You do realise that questioning a Scotsmans nationality is the deadliest insult you can give don't you?

Well you do now :p

I'm sure I've posted a picture of myself with other members of the clan wearing no underwear here before I'm sure.

Besides which,we all know that non scots don't have big enough or hairy enough balls to pretend to be scottish :p
Yep..he`s a Scot allright...*sigh*..you just remind me of a friend I miss...:(
He better of been dead sexy or hung like a donkey or I'll be offended :D

Still trying to get over nationality being questioned :mad:
Confused :p

It does feel funny having my nationality questioned here though after I have made cases for scots language and political ideas.Not to mention my published delight of our beating of France.

The original link has been removed by the evil bassas that control things but another exists that proudly shows my roots.


We even take over the Sims :p

My posts promoting Scotland border on spam and if any bastard tries to belittle my culture or language then they quickly find themselves proved wrong and stupid.You will come accross my argument on the scots language at some point I'm sure.

Never mind that my published fight against child retention is here for all to see,does that fit in too:p

If you look you'll even see Scots poetry submitted be me ;)

Check me out on Scottish football forums using the name Robanybody :p

Most of the jokes I've posted I've cut and pasted from these sites :)

I've even posted a link to a family member tonight

Big can of worms even thinking about questioning a scotsmans nationality.;)
Yeah, but you fail to mention that none of this has anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys. That's where your argument falls flat on it's face.
He better of been dead sexy or hung like a donkey or I'll be offended :D

Still trying to get over nationality being questioned :mad:

He is sweet, kind, a gentleman, and a kick-ass brawler....and defends me on the boards with an iron fist...:)

naw..the 'Scot' question was a joke..the use of the word "cannae" was a dead give away...:p

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