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what order?


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I'm a little embarassed asking this since it is prbably common knowledge for most y'all, but what is the correct CHRONILOGICAL order of the thirteen episodes of Crusade?

Go to the thread "Crusade/Proper Order?" posted on 12/03/01. I asked the same question and got all of the answers I needed. Everyone was very helpful.

Tricky question: there is no true order to watch Crusade eps. in.

When Sci Fi showed the episodes, that was the order JMS wanted them shown, to minimize the impact of TNT's influences. But's it's not chronological; it's meant to convey the feel of how JMS wanted the show to be viewed, but still has obvious chronological problems.

When TNT originally aired the series, they didn't want 5 of the episodes even finished, let alone aired. War Zone was an epsisode they forced JMS to produce, even though he didn't want it at all. Thier airing order is not only not chronological, it's absurd.

You can abolutely relate some eps to some other eps, but there is no way to really get an absolute answer to the correct chronological order because of the interaction of JMS-TNT-the cancellation-Sci Fi....

not the best or most satisfying reply, but there you go...
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