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What is with WHV UK?

Stupid question I know ...

Having supported WHVUK through the first four seasons of B5 on DVD, for reasons well rehearsed in other threads, I am now getting seriously cheesed off.

First of all, having had my S4 set for a good few weeks now, we are still waiting for a release date for the R2 edition of S5 - it already having been out in R1 for a couple of months.

Second, we have the TV movies. Amazon UK is currently showing a 3-movie set (Thirdspace, River of Souls, A Call to Arms) for pre-order, slated for release on 16 August 2004 whilst, at the same time, we have the news announcement quoted in another thread that R1 will see a full set of all 5 movies complete with commentaries (on all 5) released on 17 August 2004.

Does anyone have any solid information on WHVUK's plans for the future DVD sets ... or are they about to lose another customer(s) to R1?


PS - the first one to say "I told you so" gets a wedgie and a chinese burn !!!
No more info mate, but i support your cause 100%. If they don't want us to be buy grey imports, why release a sub-standard product. Particually in the case of the TV movies....
Do we have a contact address UK fans could petition for WHVUK. It would be like fighting with Channel Four all over again....

i did a quick scan of Warner brothers UK site but could not get an email, has any one else have better luck?
It would be good the get clarification on their UK reelase schedule, as we are bing kept in the dark.
Having seen the R1 5 disk set box art, i think i would much prefer that to the three disk set.

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