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What is up with that Rambaldi DVD Ad?


What's that all about? I clicked on it, and couldn't get much info from the site. Is it something new? Or is this just a lame way of advertising the Alias Season 5 DVD or something?
Or is this just a lame way of advertising the Alias Season 5 DVD or something?

Not seen the ad, but I think that's highly likely. When at Comic Con I got a foam coin (looks really pointless crap) talking about Rambaldi and the fifth season.
The ad points to this website. The answer to the question you're asked -- the name of the city where Rambaldi's legacy began -- is: Parma. (I looked it up the other day on Wikipedia; don't go thinking I automatically knew that).

Once that takes you to the next part of the website, there are only three things you can do that I can find. One, you can join the mailing list or whatever it is at the "Join" button at the bottom of the page.

Two, you can click on the hidden "47" beneath the "Join" button that shows up if you mouse over it, and resultingly get access to a computer wallpaper.

Three, click the Rambaldi symbol that shows up when mouse over it to the left of center of the screen, and that gives you access to a second computer wallpaper after you "ask a question".

I haven't found anything else on there.
they have updated it! Now you have two missions you can complete (click on the sides of the box) to get some neat pictures. Two more are to come, for sure, because only two sides of the box open up.

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