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What if Captain Micheal Jankowski had held his fire


Consider, what if Captain Michale Jankowski had not panicked, If he had held his cool at that critical juncture, met with Ducat and accompanied Ducat to Za ha dum and got a look at the Shadow threat, which way might the B 5 story have spun? Imagine a universe in which Ducat had lived, what would the be the ramifications of such a change the timeline . What might be the same and what might be different ? :confused:
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I've often wondered what the Grey Council would have found if it went to Z'ha'dum, but it seems to me it could have gone badly two ways: one, they would have found nothing and let down their guard, or two, they would have woken the Shadows up even earlier.

As to Captain Jankowski holding his fire -- in the long run it was probably good that he did. No Earth-Minbari War = no Valen, and no Babylon 5.

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It was a little strange how the less advanced weapons of the "Prometeus" were able to penetrate the hull of a Minbari cruiser, and it was not just an ordinary cruiser but the one that carries the Grey Council.Of course in the B5 universe there are no electro-magnetic shields protecting the ships, but shouldn't the Minbari be more cautious when they deal with unknown races.This way even the Pak'Mara can approach, blow the section of the ship where the Chamber of the Grey Council is and run away.

To answer the question-I agree with KoshFan.As G'Kar said the future is always born in pain.
It was not just Captain Jankowsk's attack on the Minbari that started the war. An equally valid question would be "what if Delenn had cast a different vote?" What if she had been a bit more rational, and decided that things should be investigated instead of "No mercy!"

Or what if Sheridan had taken that job as XO of the "Prometheus"? Could he have stopped Jankowski from losing it, and and ordering the ship to fire?

We could go on until the sun explodes
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