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What happened to the quote book?



Wasn't "But in Purple, I'm Absolutely Stunning: Quotes from Babylon 5" supposed to be out around now? To coincide with the anniversary? I checked a couple of web businesses, including Amazon and Amazon UK. Nothing. Did it get pushed back or something?
I'll post the question at rastb5m (if somebody else hasn't beaten me to it), once my news server comes back up (been down all morning, calling the ISP's Tech Support now).
My News Server (news.access95.com) is STILL down, and I wasn't able to get through on the phone to the ISP yesterday. I sent them two emails. I'll try calling them again today, but tech support on my ISP sucks. They just keep you on hold forever. "Supposedly," they are in on the weekends 8AM-6PM. I was on hold for 30 minutes yesterday, listening to musak broken up by the following message every 30 seconds:

<font color="orange">"Thank you for remaining on the line. Your call is important to us. Our representatives are working hard to deliver quality service... A representative will be with you shortly."</font color>

That's right, I heard that damned message 60 times. I doubt anybody showed up for work yesterday and I could have remained on hold all day and probably all weekend.
My cable company is really bad, taking over 2 years to fix the snowy reception to their entire viewing area on Cartoon Network and Sci-Fi while it was still a watchable channel, but the WORST has to be MCI. I've recently switched to voice-over-IP ($25.99 / month - unlimited local and regional - 500 minutes long distance per month included - free voicemail - free call waiting... highly recommended! www.vonage.com) and was calling to disconnect my MCI which was running me close to $80 / month. I was on hold for 1 hour and 48 minutes just trying to get RID of them. Then when I disconnected they had the nerve to ask me WHY I was disconnecting. I said 1) Because I'm only going to be paying $25.99 per month. 2) I've just been on hold for ####ing close to 2 hours!

Ugh, people love to ignore customer service.

Actually, no need to post a new message in RASTB5M since this is what JMS said last on the subject:

<font color="orange">The text for the B5 Quote Book is nearly done, and I think that one will be out around April.</font color>
Thanks for the post. I wouldn't be able to post at rastb5m until Tuesday, because my ISP's frellin' piece of dren news server is going to be down 'till then. Reason: Only one person in Tech Support knows how to fix the problem, and he's off 'till Tuesday.
See if I was in Tech Support, I'd take that as a reason to LEARN how to fix the problem (when the guy comes back), and make myself more valuable, and not just be content to throw up my hands and say "I don't know." Argh!

I regularly visit 12 newsgroups and I'm going to be soooo backed up by the time Tuesday gets here.
Why not read them off of Google Groups? That is where I read the RASTB5M group. I know it isn't real time posting but at least you could get somewhat caught up...
<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by Lyta: </font color>
Why not read them off of Google Groups? That is where I read the RASTB5M group. I know it isn't real time posting but at least you could get somewhat caught up...

Thanks, I'll try it.

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