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What happened to B5 on Sci-Fi??

I was just checking on schedulebot for when B5 picks up again after the 22nd, and IT DOESN'T. There seems to be some discussion on the Sci-Fi BBoards as to whether it is the end, but has there been any (official) word from Sci-Fi regarding continuing re-runs, especially with the DVDs selling well?
I haven't seen any official statement either way from Sci-Fi. Since they also took ST:TOS, their 6:00 PM show, off the schedule, I suspect that they are just putting some of their regular series on hiatus during the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's holiday period.


All I know is that one of the series they acquired is "Roswell" and those reruns start sometime in first quarter. Some stuff will undoubtedly be moved to make space.
That was easy. Scifi.com/roswell.

The series is getting the 6PMET slot. January 13th is the start date.
HMMM 6pm for Roswell I wonder what that could mean for B5 in Januray.With all the new shows that SFC acquired .I wouldn't be surprised if B5 gets the ax.
People in the UK can watch Pat Tallman in "Night of the Living Dead" tonight on UK Sc-Fi. 11:40 pm Friday 22 November 2002.
Why are you so pessimistic? B5 gets better ratings than most of thier weekday shows, does it not?

They'll probably keep it at 5pm et/ 2pm pt, but they could move it, who knows, but I can bet you they would ax Sliders or E:FC, or Hercules before B5, because B5 has been getting them better ratings, I THINK. Plus there not going to just stop showing it after only season 1.


The last time I heard B5 had low ratings besides they do replace shows from time to time don't they? Even if they do take it off the air I am sure after a hiatus it will return.Won;t know anything until January so speculation is useless unless otherwise informed.Some one else can correct me if I am wrong here.
B5 will air again 6 Jan 03 at 4PM ET US Scifi channel, looks like 4 days a week. See Scifi.com ScheduleBot.
Fraggin ouch! Is this some new kind of slow torture? I'd rather see it on at midnight than at that abusrd hour. 4pm should par down that viewer base for them, 'cause it certainly looks like that is their aim. *sigh*
4PM is better than a lot of other timeslots (e.g. like Brimstone's 2AM Saturday-only slot).
Dont forget this schedule is TENTATIVE. Last year when they first posted the Jan schedule B5 was at 6pm, but between then and january they changed their minds and moved it to 5pm.

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