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What happened here

Hmm... which new features are you especially confused about? I can't think of many new things apart from the posticons (which you can pretty much leave as they are) and the Quote button that lets you reply with quote.

And the threads with new posts in them are now marked by a highlighted bar in the thread list, in addition to having the number of new posts in parentheses after the total post count.

Most changes are cosmetic, really, or sort of "behind the scenes", so they shouldn't distract from posting too much. :)

In any case, welcome back. :cool:
What happens when you use the "Mark All Read" button? I was away for a couple of weeks, and would like to get caught up, but am over 1,000 posts behind in the OT Forum, and can't get caught up in one sitting, or leave the screen up (at work) between sittings. Is there someway to use Mark All Read to keep my place in what I've read even when I have to log off, so I can come back and pick up where I left off?
I'm pretty sure that if you mark all read, it marks all threads as read, so if you still want to catch up, it's not something I'd recommend.

Unfortunately it does seem that once you've entered a particular forum, read some threads with unread posts and then log out, then the board marks every thread with new posts (including those you hadn't read yet) as read the next time you log in. If you don't go to a forum, then it leaves the unread marks alone.

So all I could suggest is just take one forum with unread posts at a time and don't even go to the other forums until you're sort of caught up. Or just take the plunge and afterwards, once you've logged out and back in the next time, try and remember which ones you've read - if you start catching up from the bottom up for example, just note down the date of the last unread thread or something like that.

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