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What ever happened to .........

Bunny the telepath the last I read of her she was on Zhadum being hooked up to the the Anna 's shadow vessel .Anybody ? I also have another question two actually anyone know of a good wallpaper site featuring Crusade ? and fan fic on the show ?
Why can't I get hte spoiler code to work??

Galen pulled her out of the Shadow ship he flew back to the rendezvous point to meet Fed. He left her on Za'ha'dum, in the hopes that Lorien would tend to her, as he did Morden. I don't think anything is ever mentioned about her fate after that...
I say she died. Having her mind turned into a shadow ship, even if her body was saved, she'd have to be killed.
I'm going along with what Derian said.

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Was Bunny ever in Crusade? And if not, what does she have to do with the show except for her contact with Galen in the Technomage trilogy?
never in Crusade, last known location of her was on Z'Ha'Dum, days after the big blast, and is never seen or made mention to in Crusade.
Bunny only appeared in the books. She survived the destruction of Z'ha'dum but what happened to her after that we do not know.
she survived? It's been awhile since I've read the books, but I thought she was just plugged into a machine or something.
Yes, she survived the nuclear detonation but did she survive? Galen unplugged her from the shadow ship and left her in the tunel with a hope that maybe Lorien could help her. However, she had been implanted with the Shadow technolgy for interface with their ships.
Thus, did she survive or not ?? I do not know but it is somewhat irrelevant.
Now I remember. Maybe she died maybe she didnt...but I'm sure that Lorien wouldn't have had trouble taking the implants out...
*shakes head* oh my...
I kinda expected a 4th book. Something about Galen after Crusade or something. But, since we know so little about crusade and all...
My thoughts exactly. I want to see a Crusade episode where Galen owns some Drakh in his liberated shadow vessel. Or at least a book. These things I dream of.

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