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What ever happened to Mr. Colors?


Or maybe it's just me that can't seem to make the color function work. I do know it's been down ever since the server/website upgrade, and I haven't really bothered with any color schemes ever since, so purely out of curiosity I must inquire... What ever happened to Mr. Colors?
I removed the colour clicky thing because multi colours look hideous, and sometimes unreadable. I think you can still do it manually, I didn't turn it off. I just removed the quick chart to avoid encouraging it.
I always before edited in any color scheme manually in any event, but that doesn't seem to be working... well, not for me anyways. I know with each messageboard it is a different scenario, but of what I remember it used to be: color:#?????? whatever (color) in brackets! Is that still the case, Antony?
:( NOT TRUE, you're supposed to know... you're the owner! :p

No big deal at all... I got over using colors a long time ago, too much hassle anyway!

Thanx, though! :)

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