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What did Marcus mean?


OK, this probably does not have a difinitive answer, but it bugs me every time I see it.

In 'Between the Darkness and the Light' just before Marcus wakes up Susan, he says "You'll never know."


Any suggestions?
Actually I thought I meant that she will never he kissed her,after all,he was going to kiss her
"You'll never know...... I kissed you"
It's possible
"You'll never know... I kissed you"
It's possible

Given that he didn't kiss her, I'd have to say "not possible". :) BTW, I don't recall ever getting the impression that he was about to plant one on her, but it's been awhile since I've seen the episode. What does everybody else think? Was he about to kiss her?


OK, I thought it was probably that he wasn't going to tell her how he felt.

Next question,

Why? What had made him make this desision?

This is sort of information gathering for a fanfic.
As he said in some episode, Marcus wanted to take it slow and make sure it was perfect. I think it's the one he tells Ivanova that he is a virgin. I think once the war was over he would have made his feelings known more directly. Unfortunately he never got the chance.

A great story (it's the romantic in me) is JMS's Space, Time, and the Incurable Romantic. A must read for those who liked Marcus.
I like how Ivanova tells Dr. Franklin in Rising Star that she should have boffed Marcus at least once while he was still alive.
I wish it could have been played out just a little bit more, but I think it was handled very nicely. :)

Rommie ;)
I like how Ivanova tells Dr. Franklin in Rising Star that she should have boffed Marcus at least once while he was still alive.

This actually made me quite sad. Marcus was always one of my favorite characters, and when they made it clear that Marcus was on-his-way-out during Endgame, I was very upset.

I then comforted myself by thinking "Well they probably boffed on one of those long nights on the Whitestar, so at least he had that memory," Now, I really had no basis for thinking this, it was pure conjecture. (I also didn't use the word "boff" in my head) I just assumed that Ivanova had eventually been worn-down by Marcus and had given in on some lonely night. I tried to think that she wanted it kept-quiet because her career came first, there was a war, and she didn't want to become openly attatched. I tried to make the entire thing as gentle and romantic as possible in my mind (the way Marcus would have), and this made me happier when I thought about him dying.

Then Ivanova said that bit about never having "boffed" Marcus, and my little bubble of comfort over his death was popped never to be found again...
Actually,I mean
"You'll never know.....I kissed you,after I kiss you"
And just as he was about to muakzzzz
she wakes up

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