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Well I finally saw Rangers - review

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Thank God for blackmarket Direct Tv satellites since being from Canada we didn't get to see the new movie. I have one and was able to tape Rangers and finally watch it a few days ago.
I'm sorry to say I cannot praise this movie, but I cannot trash it either. It is merely average in many aspects.

The story was nothing special just average, don't know what else to say there was nothing in here that really stood out as special, but then it never really sucked either. If you know what I mean. The naming of names ceremony was a nice original way to introduce the cast without it looking like exposition. The script as a whole though sort of just played it safe.... and enough already with the "We live we die" crap.

The acting was again average overall with Neal, Zahara and Katsulas above average. Although I have to admit there wasn't a whole lot from the supporting cast to judge from. Sirois although really nice to look at got stuck with a few horrible lines (and some deliveries seemed a little forced). She also got stuck with the weapons system which I really detested and that is why it's hard to give her praise as well (sorry).

I also didn't like the hand's design but the liandra was pretty good, liked the new effects, the jumpgate,hyperspace and everything.

Really hated the weapons system, I think this is what really distracted me from enjoying this movie as a whole. It is just jarring and looks really silly, it's a cool concept but just doesn't work on screen (I cringed at every one of those scenes). This really made it hard for me to enjoy the Ranger movie.

The music had some moments but otherwise it did its job nothing outstanding. Liked the theme though, since some of it is taken from the now cancelled B5 flight sim.

I really wish I could say better things about it but it just seemed average to me I don't know what else to say. Out of 10 I would give it 6, I would love to see a series though as long as they change the weapons system. I also believe the acting as a whole can only improve as there is some room for growing and expanding. Also more episodes means more material and more room to improve.
That's it, my weird way of reviewing has been completed.


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