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Well, . . Got my Season 5 dvd. . .

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It's very odd but I went in Best Buy looking for Cowboy Bebop (because Spike rocks the casbah) and I was passing by the B5 DVDs when I saw this brown shiney box. I stared at it for a moment, picked up the box, read the back carefully, muttered an expletive or two, picked up a copy of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie and left.

Very odd. Surreal experience really. I can't believe Best Buy had S5. I've hear of smaller places having the DVDs ahead of time but Best Buy?!

Anywho, anybody else got their copy yet?

The only reason it was on the shelves is because they F#&KED up. They could pay some serious fines for putting product (DVDs or Software titles) out on shelves before the street date. If that store gets caught, the company could get fined.
Yes, I know about the fines. I think it's something like a 10,000 dollar fine per item put out before the release date.

I thought Best Buy was tightening up on the release dates. They didn't even put the second volume Big O dvd out ahead of time. And that wasn't near as big a title as B5. Hell, it's smaller than the Farscape dvds. I can't believe they were so wreckless in putting out the B5 S5s.

You answered my question already about the special features and that you haven't looked at them.Eh morphing pictures and one with Lochley :rolleyes:I could have lived without her .
I've hear of smaller places having the DVDs ahead of time but Best Buy?!

I've seen my local Best Buy make that mistake in the past. I picked up a copy of Bob Fosse's All That Jazz there a week before the release date.
It could also be that WB f#cked up (wouldn't THAT astonish us! :LOL:) and didn't put the "do not shelve before..." sticker on the boxes that shipped the DVDs. I have seen that happen before.
I have pre-ordered my B5 region 1 season 5-dvd from Play.USA , hope to get it in the post within a week or so! :) Can't wait ... simply having all 5 seasons of B5 on dvd is greeeeaaat!! :D :D
Yeah, and it will be even better when the whole shebang is out.

I must admit that two years ago I never would have thought B5 would make it on DVD. I mean, they STILL haven't done Hill Street Blues, for pete's sake! :mad:

But they have done some really excellent Dick Van Dyke Show DVDs, and that was both older and less-known than HSB, so I still have hopes.
Dick Van Dyke Show DVDs, and that was both older and less-known than HSB

Ummmmm, ......

Who says that The Dick Van Dyke Show is "less-known" than Hill Street Blues?

That is no knock on Hill St. It was a great show. But Dick Van Dyke is one of those shows that has been in constant syndication for the entire 40 years since it was made, everyone knows all of the main characters regardless of how old or young they are (well, OK, really young people now might have a bit less of a handle on it; but they won't know Hill St. either).
Great..... I understand that, at least two of you guys got B5 season Five. That´s ok for me (even though I feel some envy), but why don´t you guys start giving your opinion about this brand new release. Did you find it with a better image quality? Is real 5.1 surround sound? How about the extras and gag reel. Special comments in the extended scenes, P L E A S E!!!!. Come on, I do not want to feel envy and also been tortured by you guys...... Or do you have JMS manners :confused: :confused:

Take care,


PS: And what about the MOVIE release? It is suppose to be on the shelfs on August 16th, 2004, according some rumors. But what about extras???
Went to the mall today and tried to see if B5s5 was out early since 2 of you have been able to buy it early, but no such luck. :p Tomorrow isn't happening fast enough.
To answer your question, an excerpt from Mark Bourne's review over at DVD Journal.com:

Warner's Babylon 5: The Complete Fifth Season DVD set once again delivers all 22 eps in strong anamorphic 1.78:1 transfers. We have no complaints about the visuals, even with the series' groundbreaking use of three-dimensional CGI more abundant than ever before (the assault on Centauri Prime is especially riveting). Again the DD 5.1 audio is as clear and clean as you could ask for, and though the soundspace spread isn't very dynamic there's enough oomph in the subwoofer when it's required. Chief among the extras are more audio commentary tracks, this time for "The Fall of Centauri Prime" (Straczynski, lively and revealing as always), "Sleeping in Light" (Straczynski, clearly emotional and we love him for it), and "Movements of Fire and Shadow" (actors Bruce Boxleitner, Peter Jurasik, Patricia Tallman, and Tracy Scoggins, all having a high old time). Disc 1 gives us a seven-minute introduction from Straczynski and cast members reminiscing about Season Five. Disc Six holds the majority of the extras, starting with Digital Tomorrow (5:51), about the series' CGI work. That's followed by Beyond Babylon 5 (6:46), a love letter to us fans from the creators and cast (who boggle at the action figure dolls of themselves), plus a look at the print fiction that continues the saga. This set's edition of The Universe of Babylon 5 delivers more Data Files ("Drakh," "The Book of G'Kar," "Fall of the Centauri Republic," "Interstellar Alliance," and "Day of the Dead," plus an Easter Egg titled "Marcus Cole: Dead or Frozen" in which Straczynski gives us the final word on our favorite incurable romantic). The Personnel Files are for Lochley, Byron, Ta'Lon, Virini, and Mack & Bo. Also here are three Additional and Extended Scenes from "Sleeping in Light" ("Commander Sick in Bed," "Sheridan's Last Look," and "General Ivanova"). And of course there's a Gag Reel (3:13). Another 16-page booklet provides episode synopses. When removed from its paperboard slipcover, the keep-case is the three-leaf, hinged digipak that's the best idea since Post-It Notes.

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