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Weee! Here we go again!



I'm so psyched that the B5 universe is about to burst into life once again!

JMS is pure genious - he, Joss Whedon and the team behind Farscape and Dark Angel, along with (to a lesser extend Stargate SG-1) are all my favourite TV writers!

Here's a thought though:
I've recently been watching a lot of Diagnosis Murder (Please dont ask why!) - and noticed there are a HUGE number of ex B5 stars cropping up at various junctures. Bill Mumy, Stephen First, Marcus (forgot his name in real life though), and even Walter Koinig.

Wouldn't it be cool if JMS offered Dick Van Dyke a guest starring role in an episode, just as a gesture of appreciation? He could even put on a fake english accent for old Mary Poppins fans (and for us brits to have a real laugh!). And his son, Barry, could play a Ranger.

He could playa wise old Minbari or somthing like that :)

I think the writers of Diagnosis Murder are fans of B5 as they've mentioned it on more than one occasion (Steve Sloan went to some place where they mentioned a Babylon5 Picture plate or somesuch....obscure reference 10384).
What do you guys say?

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A B5 director, Jesus Trevino, also directed a recent ep. of The Practice. They turn up all over the place.


This is known to us...
And I could NOT aggree more!

*waves green and purple flag*

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The man with his head stuck in the Blender

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I know, isn't this just the greatest??? The thing was, a few weeks back, I was rediscovering B5, and I was very unhappy that after I got through all of the B5 eps, all of the Crusade eps, and finally the movies, that I would have nothing (save the books) left to explore. But now...now there is going to be another movie and a series (well, its really likely anyways). I couldn't be even more happy!!!

Jason Carter is the actor who played Marcus. *S*

Heh, it would be pretty cool if JMS did give Dick Van Dyke a role.

Picture Plate...well, there was a mention about B5 plates on Buffy. Do B5 plates even exist?

Ohh, and speaking of obsure references...I was watching either Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien, and a stand-up comic was saying something about "even the guy with the Babylon 5 t-shirt on could get laid." *L* I guess you also had to be there, but this perked me right up, even if its a bit of a put-down.

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Absolutely! JMS is my fav writer and Dick VanDyke is one of my all-time fav actors.

I love Diagnosis Murder (even if it is a little corny). Murder She Wrote is fun too.

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Ivanova, the guy who made the quip about "the fat kid wearing the B5 shirt" was David Attell, who shows up in the "Ugly American" segment for "The Daily Show." He's definitely a riot.

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