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n e 1 know where i can find a good rping website for b5? looked all over the place, but i've had no luck. :mad:
Well, I'm involved in a budding RP on http://www.ethereal-realms.org . Private room is "babylon5". There are quite a number of chars taken between four people, but if we get more people, we may be involved in dropping a couple of chars. So far, the chars taken are: Sheridan, Delenn, Ivanova, Garibaldi, Marcus, Londo, Lennier, Lyta, and Lochley. We're doing an AU set about 3rd-4th season. Extending the war. :-D
What exactly do you mean by "rping site"?

Roleplaying site. You know, everyone takes one character from the show and.. plays as this character. Like, if you were Garibaldi you would have to organise all "military" type things, keep order on station etc. It's pretty fun if there are enough people.

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