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Hey guys,

I figured out that B5 Fourth Season is selling well. Today, January 7th, 2004, this set is ranked as follow:

at AMAZON.com is in THIRD position
at DVDPLANET.com is in FIFTH position

According to AMAZON data, last year (2003) best selling DVD´s B5 Second Season is ranked in the 81st position of best selling of the year 2003. Pretty good for an old Sci-Fi and supposely not well known......

Congratulations to all of us. We are doing a good job, and probable in less than a month JMS will anounce something big that will reward our faith and loyalty to the B5 world.

Take care,

Za_ha_dum :) :) :)

PS: If you people have informations regarding sales rank from more web pages please place in this thread. Thanks.

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