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We were hacked yesterday


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As some of you may have seen, the site was hacked yesterday. Trojans tried to download onto visitors' computers. If you visited yesterday, I strongly urge you to run a virus scan just to be safe.

Thankfully the hack was not deep or damaging. It was nasty code that was inserted into every page. This was because there was a security flaw fixed in vBulletin on Monday, and we were hacked on Wednesday.

The other sites on the server were fvulnerable but not attacked, and other people posting at vBulletin also seem to have been hacked. Sadly it's rather luck of the draw, and we were attacked before I could patch.

We're up to date now though, so let's hope things get back to normal. :)
My virus protection program was onto it right away. It drove me nuts at first that windows kept opening telling me that it had blocked this thing. And a window that asked if I wanted to run a program kept popping up, but it was obviously what McAffe was fighting. I eventually figured out that the problem was at the site, and waited for it to go away. I saw your note.

Incidentally, Windows has a free download (at least it was free for me) that hunted down and removed the virus. I scanned multiple times, too, and updated unnecessarily just to be sure. But it was gone. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the thing, but I thought I'd mention there is a free fix for it. Or there was for me.

What a hassle for you, Antony.
I had problems with the virus as well, but like hypatia, I was able to get rid of it with my virus protection.
I found my virus scanner was grabbing it, but the browser was locking up. So i had a lot of trouble removing the simple one-line entry that was causing the problem. I had to go fiddle with the database manually.
Yes, I was surprised after seeing the note to see the site up and running again so soon. These things happen. I just hope I didn't help spread it anywhere else.
Sorry, I dont' recall. I just know I got eventually a message or something from a Windows site or a Dell computers site telling of a scan and fix to my problem. Does anyone remember the name of what hit us, or one of them? Export-Byte something? Some word beginning with "E" followed by -Byte something? All I know is that it took awhile, but did its job I think. And again, McAffee protection is what kept it from taking over my system, I think. Between the two of them, all pop-ups stopped for me.
Isn't that just a matter of time? I thought there were just more people out to get PCs than Macs, but that anything connecting to the internet can be vulnerable if people spend enough time and effort figuring out how to mess it up.
I wonder why would anyone bother to hack a fan site?I thought that they do those things to banks or government websites in order to steal some important info.
I was on my work box, otherwise my Mac would have been ok. Bascially, i think hyp is right at some point somone will wirte a killer virus for OSX, but it will be harder as Macs are a lot safer due to their unix basis.

/Geek mode off.
Yea, that's basically it. Thanks, Markas. :D

My computer actually took me to a page that addressed that specific trojan by name. But it was just the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, yes. Again, it was McAffee that stopped it from harming anything, I think, then this that removed it completely from my system. Or so I'm assuming.
Didn't seem to hit me.

I just got a "Forbidden" message every time I tried to log in that night.

I didn't get any programs trying to manifest themselves.

I've got Norton, so I guess it just kicked it into touch.
I wonder why would anyone bother to hack a fan site?I thought that they do those things to banks or government websites in order to steal some important info.

Maybe it's a spider or crawler based hack... it just roams looking for databases to hack into?

I know nothing.
Re: 1Support

And now, instead of being hacked, we're being pestered by bots. (Nibbled to death, perhaps?)
Re: 1Support

I saw one a few weeks ago... a thread was started... I cried foul

...and they made a resounding thump on the floor.

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