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A few random comments:

I saw it in IMAX. It timed at 157m. Yes, I always time movies, and always stay to the end. :D The IMDb says it is 162m. I can't explain the discrepancy. I didn't think it was too long.

I haven't read the comics or graphic novel... yet.

Silk Spectre II was really hot.

I liked Rorshach.

It wasn't nearly as "dark" as Sin City.

Loved the music.

Ozymandias' stated method of bringing about peace was way better than his real method.

Any country that elects Richard Nixon five times deserves to be nuked, or worse...
The Graphic Novel is truely a master piece of story telling and the movie was a very good adaptation. It was worth the wait. :)
I loved it, its up there for best comic based movie. The acting was great in parts, and the lesser performances were still decent. I most loved the changed ending, makes much more sense than in the book and the use of violence as a message about heroes, especially in the Rorschach scene, you can see Walter Kovac dying with each swing of the cleaver.
Funny that, as the whole cleaver thing was not there in the comics. There, Kovac did a Mad Max on him, giving him a saw and covering him in petrol.
I've gone back to the comic over the weekend. Seeing the similaries and deliberate deviations was geeky fun. Better than fumugating my greenhouse anyway. Seeing the whole thing brought to life was worth it, I think its a great genuine adaption, we don't usually see those in comic book movies, they tend to be reworkings.
Watched the special edition of this on Sataurday with my brother and we were both impressed.I would say it is the best film I have seen in years.

Proper violence (loved the biting of the face scene),naked blue men (I'm a superhero,pants are optional),hot chicks in nice outfits and the premature ejaculation scene had us rolling about laughing :LOL:

On top of that a decent story was there :thumbsup:

I saw mentioned on this thread a tie in film.Is this out?
Tales of the Black freighter is an animation that mirrors the story. In the original book, it is presented as a story within a story. It should be out on DVD. At some stage, Snyder wants to re-cut the two together to miror the book.
Coincidentally, I just watched this movie.

Interesting.. can't say I love it (I am generally of the belief that extremely few films have any reason to be more than 2 hrs long, and this ain't one of 'em) but it was different and that's worth something. Lots of moody narrating and talking, though, blech.

One thing I don't get- did anybody else besides obviously Dr Manhattan have super-human abilities? I get that the first "superheroes" were just cops in costumes (the Minutemen), but when the main characters are fighting, they seem to be either have super-human strength and agility or maybe it's just stylized filming.

Dramatically, the presence of a practically omniscient character alleviated any possible suspense. Yes, they did destroy major cities in order to throw us in for a loop, but that just felt kinda lame. The whole 2.5 hrs + I'm just sitting there assuming Blue God will fix everything.
This is why the book is so amazingly better than any possible film interpretation.

Snyder hit gold once with 300, by basically filming the very visual book -- but Watchmen is far, far more nuanced.

Dr. Manhattan is indeed the only superpowered character; the others are just skilled, well equipped, and (in the case of Rorshach) mostly operating by fear anyway. The ridiculousness of this is frequently commented on. Snyder's cinematography accounts for any misconception on that front. Dr. Manhattan's abilities are dealt with in two ways in the book -- one a hand-wave, one more character-based. He's removed from the scene most effectively by his own lack of interest in people.
The perception of super powers or abilities can be a bit misleading. Through the entire film, we see Rorshack and Owl Man beating ass on everyone, but when it comes to Ozymanius (sp?) they get their own asses handed to them. Also, I assume that Rorshak's mask really does nothing and that the shifting shapes are in his mind?

Then again, Ozy did catch a bullet.
Spot on with the Stylised thing GKE. In the book, they just have better fitness than most Crims. Only Vedit has trained himself to almost super-human levels, just as Batman would.

Snyder overplayed it really, he gave them all extra slow mo and kung-fu abilities.

Speaking of comic book movies, I mean to watch Sin City this week If I can get myself off of gears of war...
Tales of the Black freighter is an animation that mirrors the story. In the original book, it is presented as a story within a story. It should be out on DVD. At some stage, Snyder wants to re-cut the two together to miror the book.

Thanks for that,I'll check it out sometime :thumbsup: