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Was Sept. 9 Dead Zone ep missing an act???

Did anyone else catch the September 9th episode of The Dead Zone?

I was out of town and am just now catching up to this episode on TiVo. There is an act missing in the middle of the episode. It's the one between a guy in an Abraham Lincoln mask shooting at Johnny and Sheriff Turner and the later scene when Johnny and Sheriff Turner are back at the station and the Lincoln mask guy is still after them. Instead of that act, there's a repetition of an earlier act, the one where Johnny is at the construction site asking questions to the annoyed foreman.

Did anyone else notice this same problem? I'm wondering if there was an editing or broadcast problem that caused one act to overlap another. If not, I hope there's not a problem with my TiVo. The way the act overlapped, it still fit perfectly, and there didn't seem to be a problem with the commercials. It all seems too random yet seamless to be a TiVo problem.

If you didn't notice the same problem, could you fill me in on what happened in that missing act? I know Johnny and Sheriff Turner somehow get Leo Batalli back to the station and that the Sheriff gets shot in the arm in between. I doubt I missed anything too important, but I'm just curious.
I witnessed the same issue as well. It aired again a few hours later, and the missing scenes were in it. Without going into many details, it skipped parts with Johnny's son as well as how the incident at the Sheriff's office got started. If you keep an eye on USA's schedule, odds are it will repeat some time in the near future.

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