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Was Richard Biggs in Dawn of the Dead

There have been a lot of TV commercials for the director's cut DVD of the Dawn of the Dead remake. One version of that commercial had a snippet of some who looked and sounded a lot like Rick Biggs. In fact, I'm pretty positive it couldn't be anyone but him. However, Internet Movie Database does not list Dead in his filmography nor him in the cast of the movie.

My guess is he did a quick cameo (the film being shot before he passed away, needless to say), possibly even uncredited. Can someone cofirm for me? I'm just curious.
I haven't seen the film, but I think I read a post by someone on some other message board say they saw him in it giving like a news report or something.
Ninja, I had the same feeling from the ads, but I don't remember seeing him in the theatrical release.

I do agree, it definitely looks and sounds like him.
I saw that same commercial. I thought it was him too and it passed so quickly that I immediately went to imdb to look it up. So I am curious too. :)
IMDb lists several reporters and spokesman, and even lists an uncredited actor, so I don't know if it could have been Rick Biggs or not.

I haven't seen it yet, but I did just watch the original this weekend. Checking the IMDb, I see that Scott Reiniger and Ken Foree from the original both have parts in this one, as does the multi-tasking Tom Savini.

I also watched Pat Tallman's Night of the Living Dead remake, and was surprised to see John Vulich, who designed B5's makeup, worked on that movie. He is interviewed quite a bit in the special features.
I just read an article at SCIFI Wire that states that several of the original Dawn of the Dead actors had cameos in the film, and were cut in the theatrical release because the studio wanted a shorter movie, so it's possible that Richard Biggs did film a cameo scene and it was cut from the theatrical release, and restored in the Unrated, Directors Cut DVD. (Not that Biggs was in the original, but, it may have been cut along with the Original actors cameos)

I remember where I saw what I said I read in my post up above. It was over in a thread on the Home Theater Forum. A poster named Sven Lorenz posted this:

Small info for fellow B5 fans:
On the DVD of the Dawn of the Dead Remake there's an extra called "Special Bulletin: We Interrupt This Program" which consists of a 20-minute fake news program and the anchorman is played by the late Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin).
And at the end of it he plays a tape recording of a speech by the president - and that president is voiced by Bruce Boxleitner.
DVD is indeed waiting for me, hoping to have time to check out the Special Features tonight, and will report back tomorrow.
Watched the feature prior to the movie. It's really quite cheesy in that same ISN News sort of way. It's not at all convincing as a mock broadcast. It ran about a half hour, so they may have meant to run it on television as a promo and decided against it. And sure a hell, President Sheridan himself was quoting FDR before the final goodnight. Weird. It's not even a Warner Bros movie.
I actually enjoyed the B5 News programs, such as "And Now For a Word".

As a fan of Zombie movies in general, and the "Dead" series in particular, I think this mock broadcast, as well as "Andy's Last Days" gave a great depth to the movie and series. I thought the Mock Broadcast (Which was indeed Richard Biggs as the Anchorman) was very well done. There was the crawling news bites at the bottom of the screen, the dots showing the infection slowly filling up more and more of the map. Richard Biggs' performance was great. He started out cool, calm, and collected, and slowly started showing wear and tear, dress was slowly getting sloppier as things got worse, he showed real stress and you could see the sweat pouring down his face by the end.

So, my reccomendation, if you are a Zombie fan or a Dead Series fan, this broadcast is a must see and the DVD is a must own. If you are a Richard Biggs fan, and don't care about the zombie movie, I also believe you would enjoy this as one of his final roles, and you should consider renting it (He had some 5 or 6 TV series episodes on Strong Medicine and a guest appearance in Crossing Jordan as well during his last year)
My son also informed me that Richard Biggs was on a "brand new" episode of "Josh and Drake", a kid's show on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel (I'm not sure which).

I found it ironic that Richard Biggs would return in, of all things, "Dawn of the Dead". I also found his character's message to his wife and children, "Honey I'm coming home", particularly poignant in light of his real family's loss.
I finally got to see this. Richard Biggs was quite excellent in it. He really conveyed the deteriorating situation through his own demeanor, quite outstanding. Bruce giving a speech at the end as the President was great too.

I also found it somewhat chilling during the broadcast when martial law was announced. That takes me back to B5 without a second thought.

Well worth seeing.

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