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Warner Brothers?

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Does anyone know if Warner Brothers is involved with the distribution of "Babylon 5:The Legend of the Rangers" again? Just curious...How does the rating system work in terms of green lighting a project...
I have assumed that a 1.0 is very good, according to some of the ratings that have come in on "Crusades". Is this correct...A .7 is not bad? I have no idea...What is a very high rating? Obviously anything above 1.0? -Ghost R.-

Warner Bros. owns Babylon 5 and all its spin-offs. The new TV movie will be a Warner Bros. production, just like all the others have been.

The ratings may or may not be much of a factor in greenlighting the series. You can't always predict how a series will do based on a one-shot movie. Sci-Fi could even approve the series based on the finished film, without waiting to air it and check the ratings. (Most new TV series are based on pilots that are simply sample episodes and which never air at all until after the final decision has been made.) They may be more interested in seeing how well Netter & Straczynski can stay on schedule and on-budget with the new film, and what the working relationship is like with the network while they're making it. (JMS has something of a "reputation", after all.) If they finish film and everybody's still talking to everybody else, and the finished film isn't boring, they could go straight to series, the Screen Actor's Guild willing.



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For a tv series on SFC a 1.0 is very good...in fact anything above a .7 is pretty good.

For the telemovie it should pull in higher ratings than that.

At this point the ratings for it would have to be really bad for the series not to get green lit.

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Thanks for the information! That would be great if "Legend" does higher than a 1.0...I guess that is pretty much a green light for a series then! Great!


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