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War of the Worlds Remake


Another Classic to be done justice to or raped and abused?

Starring Tom Cruise, 100 Million Dollar Budget, and on a fast track to be released in 2005. That makes me concerned they'll be more interested in making a "movie for all" rather than a good and faithful update. From SciFiWire

A new film based on H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, has been put on a fast track for production, Variety reported. The project has pushed back both Spielberg's proposed untitled movie about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics and Cruise's upcoming Mission: Impossible 3, which J.J. Abrams (TV's Alias) has been hired to direct, based on his rewrite of Frank Darabont's script. M:I 3 is now pushed back to next summer, the trade paper reported. Abrams, who makes his feature-film directorial debut, replaces Joe Carnahan, who quit over "creative differences."

War of the Worlds, which will feature complex computer-generated visual effects, has been put on a very fast track, with only 10 weeks of preproduction, the trade paper reported. DreamWorks and Paramount are co-financing the movie. Sources told the trade paper that the budget for the film could exceed $100 million.

War of the Worlds, a contemporary adaptation of Wells' classic Mars invasion novel, will have to be rushed to make its November start date and a 2005 release. David Koepp wrote the script; Kathleen Kennedy and Paula Wagner will produce, the trade paper reported.
Abrams is a good guy, but I don't know how much faithfulness to the book will be his top priority. And Tom Cruise? Forget him.
I always wanted to see someone do a version of this and do it right (i.e.:right time period, tripods, heat ray, etc.). Sadly, the phrase "contemporary adaptation of Wells' classic Mars invasion novel" makes me think this is not going to be it.
Costume drama and sci-fi combined. Think of the cross over appeal. But Hollywood said no. We'll do a standard invasion flick. Why do they have to mess with things that stand perfectly well on their own???

I heard rumor 5 years or so ago that Brian Blessed wanted to do a faithful movie adaption. Guess that never happened.
The George Pal movie was ok, but don;t get me started on the TV series...
There was a "War of the Worlds" series? :confused:

God, what a horrible idea. About as smart as having a Logan's Run series. :rolleyes:
Wow, how strange, it ran for 2 seasons from 1988-1990, and I've never heard of it, by reading the description, that's probably a good thing.
It ran very late at night here in the UK, first season only.
Lots of bad effects and 80's dodgy gross gore. But then I only saw the pilot, which did feature the war machines from the 50's moive being freed from a U.S. airforce hanger by aliens. Actually, that was kinda cool.

Started around the same time as TNG, and was it's complete opposite in every way.

More info on IMBD, if you care:

I kinda liked the series. :eek:

It was better in the second series when it became a kinda fucked-future type show.

It is notable in my mind for being the first place I ever saw Adrian Paul, who went on to play Duncan MacLeod in the Highlander TV series, which was rather good.
I remember watching the tv show as well and liking it. Adrian Paul was in the second season I believe and also had Philip Akin in the first season who was Charlie DeSalvo in Highlander the series.
I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the same people were behind the WotW series as were behind Highlander The Series.

As for the remake, the one hope I have is that Spielberg is directing. He's been wanting to return to the common-man SF/F/H type setting for a while now (Close Encounters/ET/Poltergiest/Jaws), and modernizing this might be how he does it.

I wouldn't worry about fast-tracking, since Spielberg tends to shoot fairly quickly and most of the pre-production was already done on this one...they're just moving up the production schedule. I must admit that a John Williams score to a WotW remake sounds most intriguing.

I have a few reservations, but still completely trust Spielberg.

What I don't like about Spielberg is his all-too-often urge to carry things to the point of absurdity, as he did in Close Encounters, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and more...
Um...not sure what you're talking about there. Never found anything really absurd in the films you listed. IJatToD had a great deal of pushing the willing suspension of disbelief too far, but, ummm...have no clue what you're talking about.


I've always found CE (funny that initial...ain't it? :D), and ET (which is the film that inspired me to be a filmmaker), and RotLA to be fun and inspiring films...as did most people since they're all top grossers and are credited with being prime films that changed the industry forever.

CE, ET, and Poltergeist always seemed to me to be the films that said, "Look, the extraordinary can happen to the average Joe." As were most of his early films. Which is what, IMO, is his strongest theme...and I would love it if he would return to that.

In Close Encounters, IMO, the whole scene with what I call the cosmic chandelier, i.e. the space ship, was totally absurd, and way over the top. Likewise all the swooshing near the end of Temple of Doom. Poltergeist bore almost no resembalence of the genuine phenomenon I have read about. ET was full of non sequiturs, probably the dumbest of which is the fact that in the beginning, ET has to crawl over the forest floor, through the leaves, to try and get to his ship before it takes off. But, in the end, a recently near-death ET has the power to levitate himself, children, and bikes, for a much longer distance. Yeah, I realize I am going to be the odd man out on this one, since Spielberg is hugely popular, but as I said, I think he has a nearly uncontrolable urge to over do things to the point of absurdity. Don't get me going about how stupid and exploitive Jaws is! But, Schindler's List is a wonderful film!
JJ, the cosmic chandalier as you call it was shot later to capitalize on the success of the film in a re-release (before video) and add more to the experience. Spielberg hated it and didn't want to do it...it was Columbia that wanted it. In the final director's cut on DVD the original ending was put back in and that scene was cut.

As for the ET "run" to the ship...in the original cut (the preferred one) he appears to be levitating towards the ship whilest trying to stay hidden amongst the foliage. It wasn't until the "special edition" that he was depicted as running...which I wasn't too fond of. Steven needs to stay away from GL and quit re-thinking his classics.

Temple of Doom is definately not SS's best film, but can still be fun.

As for JAWS, watch some of the docs on that...he was under a great deal of stress shooting that, was an unknown director at the time, and was a hired gun, so to speak. He didn't have much real power on that one, yet his vision still came through somehow. Not to mention it was his talent that helped make that film work when the shark wouldn't.

And yes, Schindler is one of the greatest films made IMHO.

I just want to say I agree with you. I do love the end of Close Encounters, but it is very melodramatic. (I admit, though, I love it for that reason, in part.:))

Yes, he does tend to go over the top and use some silly plot devices (like E.T. suddenly being able to levitate, that is a good example).

But then:
Schindler's List

That's the weird thing about Spielberg. He does seem to have an ability to be subtle. Like (IMHO) William Shatner. Yea, I know people knock him for overacting (which he did to perfection in Star Trek TOS) but who also could pull off subtle pretty darned well.

I'd say Spielberg knows that sells. And knows what he can get away with.

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