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Wanted was a fun movie, but not a good movie. But of the problem for me was that it went too over the top. I have no problem with the bending of the bullets because in this universe that has been represented as the special power of sorts. However the car knocking over a bus and then riding off the side of it or Jolie catching up to a train in an old jalopy were all beyond what I am able to accept and instead of adding to the fun of the movie detracted from it for me.

Some parts of the story were cool, but the training montage was a bit mundane and not all that realistic in the sense of him all of a sudden becoming as good of an assassin in a matter of weeks as those that have trained for years and years.

I really didn't like Jolie's character simply because they treated her as this ultimate form of hotness, when she really isn't anymore. She's a damn stick figure and was actually hard for me to look at through most of the movie. I'm sorry but watching someone entire spinal cord move around as they walk away is not hot.

Probably my two biggest gripes would be the stupidity of a loom that tells fate and Jolie's death scene. Great unbelievable acts have to draw me in to make me believe them and Jolie's bending bullet that killed everyone else in the room felt forced and rushed, like they didn't know of any other way to get out of the dilemma they wrote themselves into.

All that being said, it was a fun movie, not good or even great, but a fun waste of a couple of hours.
Re: Wanted

I love Mark Millar's comic work, but am hesitant about this film adaption.

Also mods, this thread needs a spolier warning ;)
Re: Wanted

This is one movie that I am going to be avoiding, sounds as Stupid as it looks. As for Jolie, like her main mad Brad Pitt , overrated.
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