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Walkabout CD


I just got the CD of the soundtrack for "Walkabout" and it does contain the full versions of the two songs that Cailyn sang, "Good Bye" and "All of Me." I must say, after listening to this CD, I'm even more impressed with Christopher Franke. I bought the CD for the two songs, but the sound track itself is stunning! I guess I didn't realize how much emotion is in the background music. He must watch the episode, then compose the music, because you can feel the scene when you listen... it's really fantastic. And the CD itself looks like something from the 23rd century... I was wondering at first if it was even a CD!

If you haven't partaken of any of these soundtrack CD's, I strongly recommend you give them a try... listening to them is a true experience that doesn't require any additional substances to give you a buzz (although...


"Live Long in Prosser"

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