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Vorlons and jamming Shadow vessels

But surely telepathy goes further back than that?

Absolutely. The Vorlons were manipulating the DNA of the younger races millions of years ago, for various reasons. But, again, it was the Human telepaths who were the Vorlon's "pride and joy" (as I believe Lyta put it) and their greatest success. And the Human telepaths of the Psi Corps era were only stage one or two of a multi-stage plan. Sheridan upset the apple cart before they got too far. The Vorlons probably had long-range plans for the next several thousand years and the next two or three conflicts with the Shadows.

Were they the exception to the rule, or did they make themselves that way through science?

I suspect the latter. Given how much Vorlon science is based on truly organic technology (unlike Shadowtech, which is based on machines imitating biology, rather than biology acting as machine) it is hard to say which Vorlon abilities were biologically natural and which were artificial Even the artificial ones could have been grafted onto Vorlon "DNA" eons ago so that the last Vorlons to actually be born would have been "born" with these abilities.


Probably all firstone races wewre born naturally telepathic,just some were stronger than others.Yes the vorlons were still tinkering with aliens to produce "weapons" to be used against the shadows and their allies.When Lyta looked around you definatly make out a centauri, a drazi and what looked like a hyach baby.Lyta also has stated that the vorlon created varying types of telepaths,indicating that there were small,medium and then your heavy weapons (telepath)The vorlons would have known about how to block a shadow vessel when the shadows started using other races as their cpu's in their ships. So they would have started manipulating the younger races from then on.Why were the narn telpaths wiped out when the shadows used Narn as a base,simple, telepaths can detect shadows even when the shadows are phased out and when you've got a secret base set up you really dont want it found.So the telepath gene was wiped out of the Narn dna so that no more narns would be born telepathic.