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Vivendi Universal Bidding (SciFi Channel Future?)


Got this from Lee Whiteside at SFTV News group and thought some people here might be interested in this bit of news:

Vivendi Universal Bidding

The deadline for prospective purchasers to make bids on Vivendi Universal's Entertainment assets was Monday and from trade reports it appears there are several suitors for their cable (USA Network & SciFi) and TV (Universal Television) assets.

From Reuters news via Yahoo: "As the dust settled, sources familiar with the auction and reports suggested that three contenders had made bids for VUE plus Vivendi's music company -- groups led by Edgar Bronfman Jr, oil billionaire Marvin Davis and Liberty Media.

Meanwhile, rival contender, General Electric's NBC, submitted a letter of interest, a source familiar with the matter said. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was also expected to have made a bid for VUE, but sources said Viacom had not."

It's speculated that Viacom may get involved with one of the other bidders since they are mainly interested in SciFi Channel and Not USA Network and Vivendi isn't letting suitors cherry pick.

Follow this link for more details: http://tinyurl.com/f4l1
It would have been sweet... do you know that there are literally hundreds of X-rated films with sci-fi themes? I would buy out an entire library of them, crop them to cut out all the money shots (it is basic cable after all) and then air them after midnight every Friday night and call it "Sci-Fi After Dark."

I'd do it just like TBS's "Dinner and a Movie" ... I'll invite the porn star for every film and then we'd ask her questions like what she was thinking when Voltron from the Planet Sirrus V had her in his "love gaze"... it'd be sweet.
Hmm, I didn't forsee that possibility, let me think... okay, got it. Just for the women, I'd have romance Saturdays featuring the most romantic sci-fi movies of all time, beginning with "Somewhere in Time."

Of course I'm all out of romantically themed Sci-fi movies after that... maybe "Time After Time." Hmmm, it seems that all of the romantic sci-fi movies involve time-travel (Groundhog's Day, Vanilla Sky...etc.), I wonder why?
Good plan Psion....you'll have to get that Soft core X-files spoof they always run on Skinamax...

But I really hope Viacom doesn't got it's mits on Sci-Fi, as we see what fine programming we get from MTV.....


You think things are bad now?
So you would be bringing back the days of USA Up All Night with Gilbert Gottfried. Ninty minute soft-core porns edited down into forty minutes.

Well, no annoying hosts... just porn stars being asked mindless questions by a disembodied voice... and I'd show more skin than Up All Night did... if "The Shield" can do it on FX, I don't see why I couldn't do it on "Sci-Fi After Dark."
I don't necessarily need romantic Psion....I just would gravitate more to shows that show nice looking men with fewer clothes on then most of the SciFi shows show nowadays!! :LOL: Actually, I like a lot of the SciFi movies nowadays, I would like them to find some good quality SciFi Series not the crap (can anyone say Scare Tactics) that they have on right now.
But I really hope Viacom doesn't got it's mits on Sci-Fi, as we see what fine programming we get from MTV.....


You think things are bad now?

Yeah, I agree with you on the MTV programming. However,, there is one faint glimpse of hope. The people who churn out that trash do have more of an idea about what their target audience (my demographic, I'm afraid: the teenaged male) wants than SciFi does, apparently.

But basically I solve all these problems by not watching TV.

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