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Vir. What is in a name.



As some of you know I study theology, so I have just finished my first greek course and have now just nibbbed a bit at Latin. One of the first words I learnt grabbed my attention.

We were talking about aristoteles and his school of retorics. Aristoteles didn't want to teach the skill of speach to anyone if the student wasn't at the same time moulded and raised to become "VIR BONUS". That means "a good man". Beacuse the power of speach was to dangerous in the hands of wicked men.

Vir = Man
Bonus = Good

And after watching B5 one must say that Vir truly was a Vir Bonus.

I know only a few words of Latin (and mainly from biology) but I somehow suspect a more exact translation would be "thus passes"? Because the episode title surely originated from "sic transit gloria mundi".