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viewing order confusion


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right.. I've read the viewing order suggestions but still hit a roadblock. I finished watching season 3, that ended with the 2 parter where they discovered they could use telepaths to fight the shadows (and the membari fleet was shown), however on season 4 I got a "previously on b5" thingy where the whole thing revolves about the captain falling into a pit on zahadum (the shadow home world), gariboldy missing, and a whole other stuff that I haven't seen. Please advise.
Ok, I'm wicked curious here. yuri, do you remember the name of the episode you watched as the season three finale? The last episode of season three is called "Z'ha'dum", in which occurs the events you saw in the previously on.
In short, yuri, what you thought was the season finale was not.

We're uncertain as to which episode it was, because technically the only two-parter in season 3 is "War Without End," which is nowhere near the finale... you've got us truly puzzled!
Yeah, I'm trying to parse out which episodes have been seen and which haven't.

Sheridan and crew initially learned they could use telepaths to fight the Shadows from the book of G'Quan at the end of "Ship Of Tears". They tested that out with Lyta and a single ship in "Walkabout" to make sure it worked. They then loaded up telepaths onto all ships in the allied fleet and attacked some Shadows in "Shadow Dancing".

I'm not sure what Minbari fleet yuri is referencing, unless it's a reference to the allied fleet, which is very noticably not just Minbari. Or unless it's a reference to the White Stars, which are technically Ranger ships. But Delenn does reveal a whole fleet of White Stars at the end of "And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place".

The fifth disc of the DVDs ends with "And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place", so if that's the last episode yuri saw, then there's still the sixth disc to watch, which has "Shadow Dancing" and "Z'ha'dum" on it.
The episode where telepaths first fight the Shadows is called 'Walkabout'. In 'Walkabout' Lyta the red haired telepath returns and the doctor has an affair with a singer. There should be an entire DVD full of episodes following this. Check the DVD order in the box.
yes vacantlook I was talking about the white stars, it is listed as episode 22 but I guess there must be a mixup in the numbering or something. I will go buy that missing last disk now, many thanks!
I was unaware that the DVDs were sold as individual discs anywhere. yuri, what DVD region are you in?