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"Viewer DiscretionIS ADVISED!"


Do any of you remember when the Parental/Viewer warnings were actually there to serve as a serious warning to Parents or the faint of heart that the episode probably contained stuff that kids shouldn't watch?

Fox, in all their lameness, seems to get off on the fact their shows have this warning. Just listed to the guy's voice when he says it before a show like "24."

"Viewer Discretion IS ADVISED"

They are basically trying to say

"We put this warning here to show you how risque and edgy our show is, so you KNOW its gotta be good. This isn't your grandma's TV network, we are hard core. We don't really want to warn you. We want this warning to entice you into watching. Watch us. We're DANGEROUS!"

It just seems so damn corny and a commentary on where TV has gone on Fox the last decade or two....
I think this one symptom of how the networks are trying so hard to compete with the reputation of HBO.
You guys are so sharp...and I honestly mean that. Like most, I've heard/seen that phrase for forever, but even now I actually thought it still only meant, :LOL: "Okay, kids it's bedtime"!

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