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Very Special Auctions


Concept Art benefitting Biggs Family
Most of you will remember JMS's garage sale last year. There were a lot of fans disappointed that they couldn't afford the items auctioned. Now, thanks to a big-hearted fan, you can have the next-best thing AND benefit Richard Biggs' family.

Some of the most important pieces of B5 history are the concept paintings done by Peter Ledger to help JMS and Doug Netter get the idea of the B5 Station across to the network execs. Even with that 'Show and Tell', it was an uphill battle. JMS auctioned off the interior painting last year for over $5,000. Because he had commissioned the art, all rights to make prints were transferred along with the ownership.

Jahkneebee, who was the winning bidder, has done something wonderful. He's had a VERY limited number of high quality, full size giclee prints of the painting made and I'm auctioning them to benefit Rick Biggs' family. ALL proceeds will go to the family.

These prints have a retail value of $375.00 and the beginning bid for the first two prints I've listed is only $75. Not only that, Jahkneebee is following JMS's example and will ship the prints to the winning bidders, worldwide, for only $5.00 each!!

This is a *beautiful* print! Check out:
Full size concept art print
and remember that every bit of the bid will go to Rick's family!!

*Hyp reverts to childhood awe*

Wow. Not only is that VERY cool-looking, that is such a sweet thing to do. :cool:

I'm sure they'll do well.
Thanks, Hyp, I sure hope so. Jahkneebee had this idea from the very moment he won the painting and I'm happy to help him with it since I already had the RBiggsMemorial accounts set up with PayPal and Ebay. Our goal is to have all of the auctions done in time to send the money to the family in time for Rick's birthday in March.

That is very sweet. I must confess up front: I won't be bidding. Actually, that price is only a bit above my "interest level", but I was also robbed this Winter break, and so I know I don't have the finances to pull off a bid on something like that untiil probably July.

But I wish the effort the best of all possible luck.
With just about exactly 24 hours left to go, the Babylon 5 Concept Art prints have been bid up to $250 each now. That's $500 that will be going to Rick Biggs' family!

Remember, only 5 of these are available for these auctions!

Concept Art Print

The next print auction is up and running at Babylon 5 Concept Art.

To recap, these are prints made from the Peter Ledger painting that JMS auctioned off last year. The winning bidder in that auction, Jahkneebee, has made **5** full sized giclee prints of the painting and I'm helping him auction them off for the benefit of the Richard Biggs Family. ALL proceeds from these auctions will go th Rick's family. As an extra bonus, Jahkneebee will ship the print to the winning bidder anywhere in the world for only $5.

The last auction of 2 prints brought in almost $550 for Rick's family. B5 fans are the <u>greatest!</u>

With a little over two days left in the auction, the current print has been bid up to $227.50.

Woo-Hoo! Remember, bid high and bid often as these are VERY limited and all proceeds (ALL...not just net) go to the family of Richard Biggs.

For those interested, the latest auction ended on Saturday March 25 and the high bid was $280. Many thanks to all bidders. Stay tuned for the next one!

Here I am again to let you know that the latest auction for the Ultra-Limited Babylon 5 Concept Art Print has now been posted.

Those of you keeping track know that opportunities to get one of these prints are dwindling. Remember, only 5 have been made available for these auctions. As before, every cent of the bid price will go to the family of Richard Biggs and the donor of the prints, Jahkneebee, will ship the print anywhere in the world for only $5!

Bid high and bid often!

With two days still to go, bidding for this one is a little slower than in prior auctions. Remember folks, there's only going to be one more available after this so you might want to grab one while you can! Check out the link in my signature.

BTW, Jahkneebee has verified for an interested bidder that <u> no more of these prints, of any size</u> will be made. What's been made, he's made available for these aucions only in order to share his good fortune with the fans as well as benefit the family of Richard Biggs.

The FINAL Babylon 5 Concept Art Print Auction is underway!

This is the last chance to get the high quality, full size (30" by 20") giclee
print of the Peter Ledger painting of the core of the Babylon 5 Station. JMS
commissioned the concept paintings to help him explain the concept of the huge
space station he envisioned and auctioned the original of the interior last
year. Only 5 of these have been made for these auctions and there will *never*
be any more.

Jahkneebee wrote: I will not print another run for sale of this giclee. This is
the one and only offering where anybody will be able to buy a giclee print of
this painting. [...] This limited edition for charity is my only plan to make
giclees of the painting.


The first four prints have brought in over $1,000. Remember, ALL proceeds will
go to benefit the family of Richard Biggs.

The auction ends on April 22.

Jan darlin, viewing the link I dont quite realize how the picture relates in any way with B5. Please educate me.

Gladly. When JMS was trying to sell B5 to the studios, he was having a hard time getting studio folks to understand the immensity of the Station-they were thinking in terms of what we consider a space station today. JMS commissioned artwork from Peter Ledger, two of which were an exterior concept and the other an interior concept. JMS kept the exterior painting but auctioned off the interior one which shows the core shuttle, the vast land area and an early concept of the Fresh Aire restaurant.

That's what this print is of-that painting of the enterior of the Station with waterways with picnics going on and folks using jetpacks and the girders holding the core shuttle (which you often saw from Sheridan's window) and even a bar fight.

Hope that helps.

grrlriend, when i hit the avaible link i go to a picture of a finger touching a geographical area (unknown) on a plasma tv screen. I still dont get the B5 conection.
No, you get a picture of a finger pointing to the actual framed, matted painting - not a tv of any sort. It's clearer if you look at the larger picture below the auction text. There was some concern about having a completely clear shot of the painting whereby people could make their own prints so the donor decided to use this joke photo instead.
Thanks. My favorite artist is Magritte so I appreciate the concept, I still dont rcogniize the landscape depicted in any way related to B5 in the link provided.
There weren't a huge number of wide angle shots of the core of the Station but take a look at "The Fall of Night" when Sheridan is falling from the shuttle. It's almost exactly the same as in the concept painting.


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