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V: The Final Battle


I feel the need to post this, after my comments in the V thread.

See, it was due to seeing that V thread that I decided to go out and get the V DVD. I has been YEARS since I saw that miniseries, and I think I have only seen it once all the way through, when they re-ran it. I didnt catch much of it when it first hit the air as I was pretty young. Anyway, so I ran out and bought the V DVD and loved it. I had forgotten how well written and what a good story it was. It was really enjoyable to watch. So then I searched for V: The Final Battle, and a few days ago, was able to track it down.

Well. While I had forgotten how great V was, I had also forgotten how medicore V: The Final Battle was. It really doesnt measure up to the first one at all. Sure, its neat in places, but overall I was disappointed. I respect the fact that they (more or less) did bring things to a closure, although there is room for things to continue if someone would want to (I think they did attempt a few episodes of a TV series at one point, but I wouldnt recommend it). The writing in V:TFB just wasnt at the level of the first, and there was some really hoaky stuff in it --- mainly the ending where the little girl saves the day with her super alien hybrid powers. OOOOOK!

Yea, over all a disappointment, but considering how great the original is, I imagine that its mandatory to have the second one in your collection as well. I will say I really liked Michael Ironside in V:TFB. He was the one brightspot for me.
Unfortunately I think V was ultimately a victim of its own success. We all know what suits like to do once they have a hit show, add there wonderful ideas that on one else likes and destroy a good idea. I have to commend Kenneth Johnson for walking away, I have always liked his work and never knew until listening to the comentary on the first V disc how little crap he is willing to put up with from the studio.

There was indeed a follow up series which consisted on 19 one hour episodes. This was basicly a watered down version of the show, while entertaining to watch at least once, is total crap comapred to the mini series.

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