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US SCI FI Channel believes the truth is out there


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US SCI FI Channel believes 'the truth is out there'
Channel campaigns for probe into the UFO phenomenon. Honestly.

Awash with success over their Taken mini-series, the US SCI FI Channel has taken the unprecedented step of urging the US government to be more open about supposed UFO investigations.

The channel has reportedly hired a Washington lobbyist to further the cause, got former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta on board, and sponsored a symposium on interstellar travel. It is even considering starting a court effort to declassify documents related to a 1965 incident in Pennsylvania, according to David Bauder writing for the Associated Press.

More: http://www.b5tv.com/greatmaker/news/263/
Pretty much.

I do think its funny that someone commented on the "risks" Sci-Fi channel was taking by taking this lobbyist route, saying they could open themselves to ridicule.

Obviously the person in the media who made that comment has never actually WATCHED the sci-fi channel and some of their "original" programming.

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