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UnDefault the bra?

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Beyond the rim
When I make a post, this post Icon is always the default, no matter which one I keep using. What is that think anyway? A yellow bra? Anyways, is there a way to make it not the default?
It doesn't even look anything like a bra. :rolleyes:

And... well, selecting another post icon should work! It seems to work for other people anyway. So it's odd that it wouldn't work for you.
:LOL: Eli, it is a bit of a stretch saying that voice bubble icon looks like a bra.

;) But then you don't necessarily have a lot of experience with them, I am assuming. Unless you dress in women's clothes, that is. ;) :p
Yes, I can select a different one, but I have to do it for each new post. It doesn't just stay at the one I choose the last time. It goes back to the bra!

I still say it looks like a yellow bra... :D
It's not meant to stay. The speech bubbles are the generic, standard choice. You choose something else if you have something specific to say.
Well, maybe if you look at them upside down they'd look like the bra.......I dunno. Yeah, look at it upside down and I think I get what you're sayin'. ;)

Rommie :LOL:
I almost hate to say it, but now that Elizar's brought it up, the "speech bubbles" do look more like a bra than speech bubbles.
I admit I don't really see the bra similarity but if it was a bra, it would be for a very lopsided lady. :p
Or just lying on her side at an angle.

Now that's a REAL stretch :LOL: I think it's deeply Freudian that some of the guys see breasts in those shapes. It's absolutely obviously that they're lopsided testicles with a pimple on each :p
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